Thursday, July 19, 2007

Help tell the story of McKenzie Scott, usajobmarket, ITS

Over the past year, there's been a lot of traffic to the posts on McKenzie-Scott (or their other apparent pseudonyms). The comments on the post represents a tiny fraction of a percent of the traffic that has visited the posts.
Traffic seems to come from two key sources:
- google (of course)
- (there's some posts there that reference these pages)

From scanning these sources, it's obvious that the McKenzie Scott business model is still alive and kicking and finding many willing customers. (IMO) that's a shame - as time has passed and i've thought more about my experience, my disgust with their practices has hardened. The feedback by all those reading the posts has always been "thank god i read this - i was about to sign up." I can't help but thinking about all the folks who didn't have the information before jumping in.

So with that said, i'd like to do my part to provide info to those looking to find out more. Some of the links (like to the agreement) in the original posts are dead. If there's anyone out there who has copies or links that i can put up, please let me know (or add to the comments). Of if anyone has additional stories that would be useful to share, i'll be happy to post them.

BTW - in case anyone cares, i landed just fine. I got a job in a small IT group without the help of any headhunter or agency.

UPDATE (3/31/2013): See latest legal actions.

UPDATE: Here's a website of someone who went farther in the process -

UPDATE: Looks like the site no longer exists


ScrewedbyITS said...

I was also duped by ITS. I have created a web site to highlight my experience and warn others. What a bunch of crooks.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if ITS is the same as WH International? I had a meeting with them this morning, and it was kind of suspect. Their whole gig is changing careers as well.

Anonymous said...

Scam Scam Scam- I just wrote 60 minutes and put out a news release and wrote the major job seach sites. These guys are toilet slime bags.


I have 25 years of accumulated scams like the ITS showing via a direct mail piece and now the internet--This is a fraudulent operation. They found my information on Monster UNDER FALSE PRETENSE..See below.

Never Never Never pay to find a job. I know it's hard for you just starting out, but never pay.

Find ligitimate recruiters and or just go out and meet with the right business owners in person
( this is the best) First rule when using the internet. Never use your real name. Rule two, get a blind email address/seperate from your personal email.
Rule Three---if you have to pay then your the sucker. There are primarily two kinds of recruiters.

One is a contingent recruiter that gets paid by the employer upon finding the right candidate that is ultimately hired.

The other is a retained recruiter that that is exclusive to the employer.

Anonymous said...

Yes ,I too was approached by
ITS or as they are now known. You can add Luke Riddle to the cast of characters that troll the waters of hope and blind ambition to harvest money.
They are very smooth and I was initially was interested. Their pitch is smooth and patient, listening to your wants and needs then proposing results from their service that stretch to the edge of your minds' concept of what you might be able to make.
I could describe what they told me personally but it is a little on the mundane side so I will refrain from doing so. I have been a moldmaker / tool designer for the last 30 years living in SW Michigan, not a growth industry in this country but even in this depressed sector opportunity exists. My personal experience has been pretty extensive in job searching in the last year. My best results in job hunting have come from legit (no fee to you) recruiters or personal contacts. It may sound corny, but to focus your mind on getting a job you want try trotting out ragged old copy of "What Color is Your Parachute" It helped me.

ITS sent me a contract and if you wish to have me post it please post to this blog and I will try to provide a link.

Above all remember "if it's (pun intended)too good to be true, beware".

One positive thing I got out of listening Luke stroke me for a couple hours on the phone, (literally!) was that it was a very positive self concept building experience. Use that energy to pursue the job of your dreams without shelling out alot of cash.

My last comment after discussing the fee structure and payment schedule with Luke was "I'm accustomed to paying upfront for fast food, not a fine dining experience that you are proposing" never heard from him again...

Steve said...

All of these are re-done Bernard Haldane scams; I got bit by them several years ago. I just avoid these approaches altogether now...

Anonymous said...

Robert Gerberg, Sr., President of ITS has a long history in the self-proclaimed "career service industry." Prior to ITS, there was McKenzie Scott and prior to Mckenzie Scott, there were other iterations of the same organization. The materials ITS utilizes are the same materials (with some editing) utilized by McKenzie Scott. And, when the ITS name is discredited (as the McKenzie Scott name has been), there will be yet another firm spawned with the same suspects running the show utilizing the same old approaches (with a very few new tricks added). There will always be scammers out there looking to separate the unsuspecting from their hard-earned dollars. Firms like ITS do provide some value for their services. The problem is that the value provided is far below the price and that what the buyer believes is being promised does not match the contractual obligation of the seller. ITS, like its predecessor McKenzie Scott, appears to do just enough to keep its officers from criminal prosecution.

Anonymous said...

ITS JMAC is a scam apparently they change their name OFTEN. Happy to have found this info. I was almost in. Luckily, I did some research and found out what an total rip-off they are. Don't waste your time on the videos they make you watch before your "phone interview" or the two hours they keep you on the phone before asking for thousands-yes THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!

SteveB said...

Thanks for the heads up on ITS. I know enough to steer clear of them now. I've been listening to and reviewing their material for the past 2 days and decided to research a bit before I went any further. Yes, I wasted a few hours of my time, but at least I didn't fork over any cash to them.

Interestingly they are currently willing to drop their base fee to "only" $5500 right now and throw in the "distribution" at no cost. Maybe they are getting more desparate.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!
I just received the call from ITS, after 2 hour phone call trying to make me feel guilty for my own unsuccessful job search, they asked me $5500 for their service.

Anonymous said...

My friend got sucked in by the smooth talker and all the build- up of his highly skilled talents that they would market better than he could. They told him they would reach 96% of all companies with his resume. Well they got his money and he went on a couple of interviews two were out of state. Nothing like the 12 phone calls a week he was told he would get. Don't waste your precious money. Tell McKenzie Scott or whomever is asking for money up front to take a hike! I am writing this because I want to save someone from making a mistake. I wish we would have checked the online comments about this organization before he dropped his hard earned $$ and driving to Atlanta from his state.
Bamagal 10/15/09

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap. I have been reading these responces for a few hours on several sites. I have seen maybe 2that are positive. Moving on.....

Anonymous said...

ITS, Mckenzie-Scott, Robert Gerberg.

Now going by the name EPBM - Evanston, Parker,Bennett, Millburn & Associates
A division of AJN

AJN = American Jobs Network - Corporate name for Robert Gerberg Asso. This company is like a Hydra...cut off one head (Mckenzie Scott) and 2 other grow to replace it. (ITS & EPBM)

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

they rip off the employees too. Most of the campaign directors are well-meaning individuals who really care about the clients; but Robert Gerberg actually only pays them a small sliver of the consultation fee, and often times doesn't pay them at all.

Anonymous said...

I was contacted by JMAC, ITS, ERI or whatever they call themselves these days. A caring and compassionate 'sales' person set up a phone interview and quote was $5500 for their services. Follow-up call after reviewing their contract was now able to offer a "NEW" lower price of $2925! This is to 'help out' the unemployed! Still pretty pricey to update resumes. I was skeptical of this company in the beginning, but just played along. I always believed to NEVER pay anyone to get a job. Now after reading these posts, I won't be parting with any of my money soon.

Anonymous said... appears I have been taken as so many others have. I wish now that I had done a little more research before getting involved with ITS. To my credit I was a little more circumspect than some of the others bloggers in that I only committed to the document preparation and did not take their full package. Experience has now shown me that irrespective of which resume authors prepare your documents and cover letters each valid recruiter willhave their own opinion. New names to be aware of at ITS are Brett Hoyt (Smooth talking salesman), and Cindy Maxwell (document preparation....or word processor operator). I'll console myself in knowing that I only lost $2500 and not the $5500 discussed above. BEWARE OF THESE PREDATORS

Anonymous said...


I'm am so grateful for the information provided by everyone on this topic. I've been out of work for 17 months after being in the same career for 22 years. Needless to say, I am desperate and willing to listen to just about anyone or anybody these days. I was about to borrow the $12,000 and sign up with these guys. I can't believe what a sucker I've become...

I started talking with this outfit over 6 months ago. Interestingly, the professionalism of his email correspondence has subsided since his initial contact. I'm going to post a sample of my email communication from a "Tom Smith" of SET/ITS/JMAC in hopes it may help others from being scammed:

From: ""
Sent: Thu, May 27, 2010 8:38:30 PM
Subject: From Tom Smith


It's been tough trying to get together but you should be aware of this. Company has just announced that, because of a short term corporate outplacement rescheduling, we can offer you a possible $2150 allowance off our regular pricing. This allowance is available until the end of the Month only. If you would like more details, you can contact me tomorrow or on Saturday until 3:00 plus I will check my voice and emails over the long weekend.

This is the best offering I have ever seen in my 25 years....but , of course, it will only have interest and value if you are strongly considering engaging our service. If that is the case....then timing could be perfect for you....Tom

From: ""
Sent: Mon, December 28, 2009 7:08:36 PM
Subject: Service Charge Explanation


I thought you should know that the Company has today offered a special scheduling allowance that would bring your total service charge to $5500 including the first three options. The offer ends 01/04/10 at 10:00 MST.

I would like to wish you and your family, a very Happy New Year and please call if you have questions.

Tom Smith, Managing Director
phone: (877) 357-0097

From: ""
Sent: Sat, October 24, 2009 3:16:00 PM
Subject: From Tom Smith


I enjoyed our conversation today and look forward to meeting with you again on Tuesday at 1:30. To view our "Market Tour", go to the link below to get to our home page and from there click on the "Market Tour Video" button on the top banner. Your email address will serve as your passcode.

After viewing the market tour, you can also view the Worldwide HQ video on our site to further familiarize yourself with our firm and the services we provide... before our next meeting.

The marketability profile will surface your transferable skills and you can download a 7-page report comparing you with 2,000 others at your income level, immediately after submitting it. Remember, I would like your opinion of what 5 "experience" items on page 4, do you think tops the list of the hiring authorities today. I know that you will find the results of this report a surprising eye opener and you will refer to it often throughout your career.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Talk to you soon.

Best regards,
Tom Smith
Managing Director
ITS Family of Companies
Direct 925-242-1210x233

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to ALL who took time away from work or finding work to post this. After Almost 20 years of full time work I am now in a job search position. I had my first encounter with these folks or ones like them just yesterday. It was very tempting but I had enough knowledge to get off the phone to process the information prior to calling back to sign up. This posting was so extremly helpful so thanks again and it just reminds me that true professionals do expect to be paid for their service but only after its performed.

Anonymous said...

Britton James & Associates

The Franklin Group of America

Hamilton Clark International

The Renaissance Group International.

This scammer was changing the company's name every year or so.

Attorney General Sues Employment Agency Owner

The Tennessee attorney general’s office has filed a lawsuit against a West Tennessee woman who operated employment agencies in Memphis.

Attorney General Bob Cooper filed suit on behalf of the Division of Consumer Affairs against Linda McCluskey.

In a news release, Cooper’s office said McCluskey owns Britton James & Associates, but formerly operated as The Franklin Group of America, Hamilton Clark International and The Renaissance Group International.

The suit accuses McCluskey of charging job seekers an upfront fee. Tennessee statute allows employment agencies to collect fees only after placing applicants in paid jobs.

The state seeks restitution for customers and an injunction to prevent McCluskey or her associates from breaking the law.

No telephone listing for Britton James & Associates was available.

Anonymous said...

I too was contacted by what is now SET. I put them off for more than 3 months. Finally I was directed to a guy named Dan Ward, a managing director at SET. When I told him the price ($5,500)was too high he said how high was too high? I told him that I felt better around $3,500. He said fine. (I should have known something was wrong with how fast he accepted my offer) I told him that I would need to decide what I was going to do. Keep working on my marketing business or search for a J-O-B. He told me he needed to have a decision by Friday (3 days from then). He told me he would send the paperwork over to me first thing in the morning. I got the paperwork via email only to find that the amount for the services was listed at $6,500 not the $3,500 I had asked for. I got called away and was unable to reply on Friday. Got a phone call from Dan on Monday virtually demanding that I call him. I was sick that day and the next 2. Contacted him via email but have not heard back. Decided to do a detailed Google search and found this board. Glad I did. They have a great sales process and are very convincing. Probably one of the best I've ever seen. Funny, they never offered to have me talk with any references and I never bothered to ask. It seems if they were so good at what they did and had so many satisfied customers, they would be quick to offer up some references and some people would be touting their company. Now that I think about it. Didn't see any testimonials. Now that I think about it there were a lot of warning signs. I told them that I would be willing to make a small payment upfront to show that I'm serious and then agree to pay the balance as soon as I got a position. That was unacceptable to them because they found that in the past clients would not make that final payment. Amazing. Another red flag that I missed. I didn't listen to my intuition, my guy told me that was weird because it was a way that many people do business. Pay a down payment, another payment upon proven progress and a final payment upon acceptance. Shame on them for making people think they can't represent themselves and get jobs on their own. Using fear to sell their services. There's a place for people like the way the new domain is

Anonymous said...

Here are the worms again. Also, here's the office address & the phones.

2010 CAN, Inc. All rights reserved,, resume writing and job search strategies for executives and professionals., Job search services, ,, (866)304-6900, freejobhuntingservices,,1-866-304-6900

The Career Action Network

6130 Freeport Blvd * SUITE 100-C * SACRAMENTO, CA. 95822 *1-800-787-0515* Office and Fax

Anonymous said...

Looks like ITS, ERI, is expanding and going international as I have been contacted and speaking to them for the past three days from LATVIA - Baltic States.

I have to agree that their sales and marketing pitch together with the video is perfect, but how sad it is to learn of another con-merchant.

Thanks to all contributions and I will most certainly put a link to this blog on Linked-In, which may also help others not to fall into this booby-trap.

Patti said...

After creating an account with my resume on (an old-fashioned but innocuous looking site), I received a call from 'Bob West', Managing Partner at SET. Agree with all previous posts: arrogant sales process punctuated with an over-abundance of no doubt fictitious client anecdotes. Received materials in the mail, including book by Robert Berger. Services quoted at $8500 (clearly the sales guys develop pricing based on what they believe is someone's potential to pay). Found this Blog and comments after seeing a posting on a job board under the name of "Evanston, Parker. Bennett, Millburn & Associates." Gave Bob the heave-ho today; no money spent. Avoid the above-named website and companies.

richard said...

Thank you all ...I too was contacted by Advanced Career Technologies and the pitch was to join their sales team. Said they were in Colorado. A quick google search reveals this company founded May 2009 by Robert Gerberg. More research shows this is just the latest variation of the various pay for jobs scams described in other entries.

I'm glad I found this as at first glance it sounds good, maybe too good. As someone else here stated, the red flags are all there so avoid this scam.

Thank you to all those who made entries, you saved me much time and anguish.

Anonymous said...

just wanted to caution everyone with some more information. 1. A new name to add to your list: Ted Germann. 2. Their new marketing strategy is: we have a member of BBB and we have an outstanding rating(I searched BBB site and could not find them listed). Also the money you pay is tax deductible.

Anonymous said...

They are also posting on Career I flagged them as fraud.. but then when I hit the next listing they were there too.
I figured they were fishy when their listing only said management... had every keyword in the world listed.... and the pay scale was listed at $60k to $300k
Thanks for this web site.. very helpful... while I would never have spent money with them.. it did save me a lot of time!!!
Tell Career Builders they are scum for posting their ads!

Anonymous said...

Add Roger Meyers of SET to your list of names. I received the $8500 proposal, but if I sign up immediately and complete my 6 hour profile by Thursday night (7/15/10), I qualified for a $1,000 discount, because their people had some extra capacity at the moment. The other pitch is that the after tax cost of their services is less than one week's salary, so if they save you one week in your job search, then the service paid for itself. Cute pitch. What I really liked (and what triggered the brightest red flag if you will) was the representation that their candidates get 20-25 interviews in the first 30 days, from which 4-5 job offers are generated. After mulling that one over, I emailed some questions concerning that data, and a convoluted backstroke reply. The other current claims are that they place 91% of their clients in the first 90 days; 97% in the first 120 days; and that they place approximately 500 people per month. If it seems to good to be is! Thank you to all who have posted on this blog. It convinced me to go with my instincts and tell Mr. Meyers that I am not interested in his company's services.

Anonymous said...

They're soliciting new clients under the SET moniker these days. I read an earlier comment by someone who said that they forgot to ask for references. It wouldn't have mattered. I asked. They told me that the people they placed were all senior executives and, thus, extremely busy. Accordingly, they couldn't just give out their names and numbers. So, after I sign up, send them my $7500, and complete my profile, they would line up some available times for these very busy important people to speak with me, but that I shouldn't be concerned, because they would do it during my "money back guarantee" time frame. A nice little con....

Anonymous said...

I concur with Richard's comment. I was also contacted about joining their sales team by a recruiter out of Colorado.

The red flags are definitely there. When you ask what it is that they actually offer, all you get is the same platitudes repeated over and over, even when you ask for specifics. The video itself raised red flags since nothing in it is in any way unique, and further interaction proved my suspicions to be well founded. I kept thinking "Where's the beef?" and it was never put on the table.

The recruiter's email has the domain but he told me that the name is changing to Advanced Career Technologies and also alluded to previous names in the past.

The old saying that a fool and his money are soon parted proves true again, and this organization looks for people with a lot of $$.

It appears that this company preys on two types of individuals:

1. Executives or other high earning professionals who have been out of the job market for a long time and have no clue about how to network and search for jobs online. Their pitch would have sounded revolutionary in the 90's or maybe even the early 2000's but even their website looks outdated today.

2. Salespeople who are likewise ignorant of current job search tools and networking opportunities and/or are simply unethical.

Anonymous said...

All, thanks for sharing. I've been talking to these guys and their story sounds good, too good. Started asking questions and trying to figure out why I couldn't find anything on them. Luckily I persevered and finally found this blog. Haven't taken the leap yet and after reading your comments, don't plan to, thanks for confirming my suspicions.

Anonymous said...

I was contacted by Kent Curtis from, yesterday. Thanks for making this information available. I never have nor ever will pay a firm to find a job.

GBrown said...

Glad I found this web site. I was called this am by a Chuck Serracino of

He asked for a resume which I sent. Then I researched his "firm" and found this site.

Thanks for the information folks. This fellow has heard from me and knows not to contact me again.

One other thing.... There is no way I would pay a few to a recruiter, so I wasn't about to be tricked by that one if it had ever occurred. Thanks folks.


Anonymous said...

Scammed out of $5,500

While searching for employment, I posted my resume on two Job Boards, and, received an unsolicited contact by a company calling themselves Executive Resumes, Inc.(ERI) at 7979 E. Tufts Ave., Suite 1400, Denver, CO 80237,1-800-374-8847 Fax: 303-846-2836,
Evidently they use other acronyms for the same business like; JET, ITS, and SET.
Principal: Mr. Robert Gerberg, President
Mr. Michael J. Egan - CFO
Registered Agent is:
Lee Reichert, Attorney, 1515 Arapahoe Street, Tower 1, Suite 1600, Denver, CO 80202,
belonging to the law firm of Kamlet Reicher, LLP, wife
Paul Bokelmann, Executive VP – has called me twice since cancelling the contract.

This company is using shady marketing language to deceive consumers about offering services to job seekers and the unemployed. After reading their marketing material the consumer thinks they are going to receive services above and beyond the typical, but, end up realizing that the services delivered are not above and beyond the typical, but only cut and paste.

They have a very polished presentation so I thought they were on the level. However, after studying all their marketing literature I now see that they use shady techniques to draw in consumers and basically do not provide the services that the marketing literature purports. This company operates “on the edge” of legal!

I was contacted on 7/2/10 by John Mark Ridings about contracting for the resume service. Ridings sold me on the fact that all their services are delivered via the internet, except some marketing materials.

I signed the contract with them on 7/13/10 and faxed them a bank account number for them to withdraw the money.

On 7/19/10, Annette Bettin sent me an email: “How’s 1:30 Central Time for our Executive Briefing #3”. I took the briefing which took 3 hours over the phone. They basically guided me through their web site.

Misleading Marketing Materials

Part of the sell process in an email and video stating I would be: “* accessing the published and unpublished job market”.

This statement led me to believe that they were privy to and had a list of unpublished jobs. The published job market is nothing but job boards that I have used over time.

Their “unpublished jobs” are nothing but press releases from different companies. What a scam! When I read this paragraph I thought they were talking about people. Contacts are supposed to be people, not press releases! Another way they use words to dupe people!

On 7/13/10 8:32 AM, Annette Bettin, Marketing Director emailed me to say that she was assigned to me with instructions to enter all my information into their database.

I entered all the information requested into their system. I later found out that all they do to create the contracted deliverables is cut and paste the information I entered into letters and resumes. A Scam!

Web Site did not work

I tried to display the web site in two different browsers, Firefox and IE, and neither worked. Their services ARE NOT PROFESSIONAL if they cannot even make a web site work properly.

Contract Misleading

Their contract reads:
“Resumes, letters & marketing website we create
. We professionally write 3 resumes for different situations
. We Professionally write 12 powerful marketing letters
. We create and host your marketing website”

I have a problem with the word “Professionally”. The person that wrote my resumes runs a Landscaping company and has only worked for this company 9 months. She told me she majored in “Filmmaking” over the phone.

My resumes were just a cut and paste version of all the information that I had entered.

I expected “professional” services and did not get them! This company practices what most scams practice, using words and phrases very effectively and in a very shady manner to convince consumers that they have discovered a new way of doing something, when in fact it is just the everyday methods that everyone else uses. THIS IS CALLED A SCAM!

smd said...

"ITS Family of Companies"

SET - Marketed towards six figure salaries

ERI - Marketed to the little people who earn less than 100K

The office at 7979 E. Tufts is found under America's Job Network..

The office has a display case proudly carrying McKenzie Scott and Bob Gerberg's famous publications.

Internally, it's called "The Firm' to mimic upper executive, serious business and the walls are plastered with gigantic portraits of "The Firm's" partners, which appears to be anyone who has worked there for three years or more. You've seen them on the website; "Amy K", "Bob S", "Howdy D", etc.

Which begs the question... if you are a "partner" of a such a hugely successful "firm", wouldn't you be beyond the Kindergarten-esque naming conventions that use the last initial to tell the difference between Amy K and Amy M? Does the CEO of Microsoft, HP, Apple use first name and initial for privacy?

Wouldn't you want people to know? "I'm a PARTNER!"

Anyone notice that ALL the salespeople at ITS have the same over-stated title as evidence by the copies of emails listed? And that they have an awful lot of Vice Presidents?

And these people are going to work on YOUR resume?

Anonymous said...

I was contacted by R L Stevens after clicking on a link to apply for a job. It's the same gag as Bernard Haldane. They wanted $2575, 50% up front, then 25% & 25%. I almost bought their pitch but have decided to punt it. I am P.O.'d they used a "legitimate" advert to snag me for an interview that had nothing to do with the advert.

Bill said...

Here they are again on

These A$$WIPES should be horsewhipped!

Job Overview
Company: EPBM
Base Pay: $60,000 - $200,000 /Year

EPBM is affiliated with orginizations that assist executives at all levels in making the right career move, by offering a wide range of products and services. Many of these services are free to all professionals and executives. Upon request, you may also receive information about fee based personal marketing services which are available

Company Overview

Our firm serves more than 50 cities nationwide. In recent months demand for selected professional positions has begun to increase from the lows of the recession. Situations exist in Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Denver, Hartford, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Minneapolis-St. Paul, New Jersey, New York Area, N. Virginia, Orange County, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Raleigh, Salt Lake, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, and Tampa-St. Pete.

Job Description
Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Corporate Vice President, Director, Division President, Executive Director Nonprofit, Executive Vice President, Operations Manager, Plant Manager, Plant Superintendent, President

Evanston, Parker, Bennett, Millburn & Associates will consider talented professionals and executives with more than 10 years experience with backgrounds including both large & small employers. Specialties include:

Job Requirements
Senior executives and former entrepreneurs at Director, VP level or C-level with direct P&L or staff responsibility, or who have managed multi-plant or multi-service operations and who are looking for growth opportunities and commensurate financial rewards at $150,000 to $500,000+.

Mid-level staff with experience in legal, banking, franchising, communications, consumer goods, electronics operations, and retail... including service and manufacturing at $60,000 to $150,000+.

Sales and marketing professionals with a proven record who have helped increase market share and exceeded forecasts in the tangible products or service market segments at $75,000 to $225,000.

Financial and accounting managers, analysts and directors, including CPAs of local firms, controllers, and CFOs of diversified operations seeking to increase responsibility and at $60,000 to $160,000.

Educators, MBAs, MAs, and PhDs in all fields seeking growth and earnings in the private sector and who can demonstrate they have unique skills... and are seeking $75,000 to $185,000.

Mid-level and senior-level manufacturing, project management and high tech professionals, admin staff, early retirees, IT/IS, purchasing, distribution and officers leaving the military.

Specialties include: Accounting / Administration / Advertising / Public Relations / Aerospace / Defense / Banking / Biomed / Biotech / Consumer Products / Education / Healthcare / Engineering / Electronics / Finance / Financial Services / General Mgmt. / Top Mgmt. / HR / Recruiting / Outplacement / Insurance / All Legal / IT / IS / Internet / Comp. Sci. / Law Enforcement & Security / Management Consulting / Manufacturing - all operations / Nonprofit / Operations / Retail / Real Estate / Restaurant / Food Service / Sales / Marketing / Sales @ Home / Service Industries / Sports / Fitness / Training / Transportation / Logistics

Anonymous said...

Just received contact from "Adolph" from Executive Resumes Inc., and chatted (after doing phone tag for about a week) - asked me alot of "thoughtful" questions, and had some "international opportunities" - and then sent the link to website and the marketing video - - it sounded like a head hunter - not a resume service. I had to watch the video by midnight tonight - sound strange? - anyway - there would never be a point in my career that I would pay ANYONE that kind of money to do something I can do myself - dont be that desperate!

Anthony said...

I just want to say thanks...

I've been talking with these guys and was ready to pay $8,500 for access to unpublished job offers and a list of 2-3 thousand CEOs that were looking to hire someone with my exact skill set, the job would be about what I make now but probably more after I used their negotiating services, then it would be 10-15% higher, and I would get that job in 2-3 months. I was really on the hook. But it was so much money I had to look into who these guys are and what can I expect.

This is where its gets fishy...I tried to find out more about them starting with their webpage worldwidejobnetwork, this link was in the email from them. I looked for a company address, mgnt - not listed. There is no about this company section, just a page with pictures of share holders w/o their last names, (uh, how useless). Also WorldWideJobNetwork is not on the website, instead the title is SET. hmm SET? Searching for SET will bring up a lot of pages that have nothing to do with their company. One wonders why they would choose an acronym which would be difficult to find info on, but then I think this has been covered in the discussions about "ITS". I also think that my salesman's name Tom Smith might as well be John Doe.

I emailed Tom and asked what SET stood for, what the company address is, who the owner and the company officers are, and any newspapers or magazine articles about them. He pointed me to the shareholder page of lastnameless people and an article on Forbes. When I read the article it didn't mention SET or WorldWideJobNetwork. hmmm. I went back to his email and noticed his email domain was different then worldwidejobnetwork and SET; it was newcareersonline. So I searched the internet for all 3, NOTHING but a couple of their sites.

I checked the article in Forbes and found the company's name ITS, I searched it and found this page and thank the all mighty I did. I can't believe with all the warning signs I was ready to pay them. Had I not found this site I quite likely would have opted for their services and would have been unhappy with them. So thank you!!!

I also spoke with Tom after I did my research and asked him about the different company names, why they charge the client instead of charging the employer, who were the company officers, can I talk to previous clients, etc. He became very defensive and did not answer my questions to my satisfaction.

Also just like to say I'm not sure how much of a scam this was as I didn't participate, but I would say it not on the up and up. It not a good idea to do business with any organization that obscures their identity, ownership and officers. The organizations I have done good business within the past love to tout how awesome their leadership is and argue that those individuals are what makes them a better organization to work with over their competitors. And if the contract does not explicitly say what the salesman said to me, or worse states what the salesman said to me cannot be expected, particularly the parts about receiving unpublished jobs and thousands of CEO leads, then that is very underhanded and sneaky.

I do believe they provide services for their fee, a resume rewrite, a coach but I am quite sure without a significant number of unpublished jobs and CEO contacts and w/o those this is way over-priced. So again not sure if this can really be called a scam if they give you some unpublished jobs and CEO contacts, but it would have to be in the thousands to be worth what they are charging.

Also if this Blog ever ends up in the hands of a judge due to legal proceeding, please keep in mind [Judge]that this blogger has saved many people of being taken for overpriced services using sneaky under handed tactics to prey on the dishearten. And probably saved families from not eating well, being evicted or just being put in worse financial shape causing family stress which translates to more society/community stress which makes for a little less nice of world a world to live in and is bad for all of us.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to add Tom Barber of SET (or is it newcareersonline or...) to the list of "Warning, Will Robinson!".
My first question to them was, "How much?". All I got was evasiveness. Then Tom sent my a pdf with a list of their services. Oddly enough no company name was present in the document at all. Now I know why - they change it continually to avoid Internet searching. I said to Tom (Barber or Smith??), "I don't see any pricing." Tom says, "I sent you the wrong file." Another warning!!!
These bottom feeders troll legitimate job search web sites for resumes, look for impressive experience, and duration of current unemployment. Bingo!! A vulnerable person found, let's call them.
Do they have a division targeting Seniors with excellent retirement nest eggs, too?

Anonymous said...

Check the above link for information past lawsuits against Gergerg.

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO MUCH!! My husband was going to meet with "Roger Meyers" tomorrow, and I thought it was weird that nothing but their own website showed up when I googled and Somehow I found this blog and put the pieces together. We are sending information to the attorney general in Minnesota, because we have a sneaky suspicion they might not be registered in MN. How disgusting to be preying on those of us who are DESPERATE for jobs.

Anonymous said...

Very helpful these comments. Thank you all for adding all this information. Please add to the list Dennis Johnston - Falling on their "spider web" through EPBM they tried to convince me with their powerful marketing machine on - SET. It sounded too good to be true and that raised the red flag.
I hope this will help others to avoid a very expensive decision.

Anonymous said...

This McCluskey worm even has her own page on the Tennessee AD's website! Makes one wonder what is wrong with the other states these vultures operate in, huh???

Linda McCluskey

Linda McCluskey, Larry Ronsa, Kevin Shaw, Britton James & Associates, The Franklin Group of America, Hamilton Clark International, The Renaissance Group International, Professional Solutions, LLC:

Tennessee has filed suit against Linda McCluskey, operating under several different d/b/as, contending that she made deceptive and misleading representations regarding her services as a “career counselor” or providing “career development, career management, and career transition services” in violation of the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act. The State’s lawsuit further alleges that McCluskey has operated an employment agency in violation of the Tennessee Employment Agency Act by charging an up-front fee to applicants.

Press Release

* State Files Suit against Employment Agencies (#09-30, October 7, 2009)
* Attorney General Files Amended Complaint Adding More Defendants in Lawsuit against Employment Agency (#10-06, February 17, 2010)

State Court Filings in Linda McCluskey

* Complaint of the State of Tennessee for Permanent Injunction and Other Relief (October 6, 2009)
* Exhibits to State’s Complaint (October 6, 2009)
* Motion to Amend the State's Complaint (February 5, 2010)
* First Amended Complaint of the State of Tennessee for Injunctive and other Relief (February 5, 2010)

This list includes only significant filings and is not intended to be a complete record of the matter.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to add another "me too" to the list...

I was very close to signing up ($7500 'discounted' price), but this whole deal never smelled right. I think I let my guard down when I saw the slick presentation videos and heard the smooth pitch. What ultimately convinced me to pass on this was the huge number of different domains and company names that ultimately linked back to ITS. The only reason to be so elusive is if you are trying to hide something... obviously they are.


Anonymous said...

Oh My God. I was contacted by SET guys, one guy by name Isaac Khan and was on phone with him for about 2 hours now. He told me that, for all the services they offer, like 3 resumes, marketing website etc., the ball park price would be US$6500 to US$8500. He is supposed to call me back today. Luckily, I decided to do some research on the and found this blog. I was getting so very much interested and was thinking of taking a plunge. Thanks to all of you guys out there, I am now crystal clear that, I should not...Thanks a trillion...

Anonymous said...

Much thanks for the insight. After searching for some time on line I finally ran into this website ... very timely as I was considering dropping some cash. Almost same circumstances mentioned in recent comments - of course the name of the company has changed. The effort to find WorldWideJobNetwork website was very strange - similar to what I read. So my contact person that I am in corresponce with - I e-mailed this website and am asking for a response ... it should be very interesting. Anyway, thanks to all. C. Hansen

Anonymous said...

EPBM..Right off the bat..."First lead is free!"...That say it all. These unethical bottom feeders should be shut down!

Anonymous said...

You Deserve Much Success!

I was critically close to joining the ranks of the foolish and i decided to make one more attempt to settle the lump that that had been growing inside me instinctively all day. I began a deeper level google search And presto your blog appeared. I can't thank you and the participants of this site enough for your research, communication and insight and if there is anything I can do to further your efforts (other than express my sincerest thanks) Please let me know. Once again thank you for your tenacity , bravery and the ongoing effort in unavailing this Sting 2010 showcase.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for this blog which helped me to save my $3500 from the vulture called Bruce Heckelman of newcareersonline .com. I guess this is the new trend of scamming money from people who are desperately looking for job and can't even afford that $3500. Strangely all of these vultures called them "Managing Director". Very respectable name for a smart con artist. Shame on them, How can they live off of somebody's measure.

Anonymous said...

I found this blog in a search on EPBM.
I was about to provide EPBM my CV and contact details but with significant suspicion that all the things being offered for free (market research, leads, etc) were somehow not free. What convinced me further were the company's Ts and Cs which basically said the information you provide is theirs to use at will. Additionally I could not find any further details on the company without providing my information. After seeing this blog, I am not sure if EPBM is apart of the ITS scam but I would rather be safe than sorry.

Anonymous said...

Hi Everybody,
I have been in contact with a Sales lady Christie Givens from ERI Executive Resumes for 2 months. The phone call comes up as America's Job Network. I had just sent them a check for 2500 yesterday and got a call from a Greg. He was scheduling my 3 hour interview and was constantly himming and hawing about scheduling phone meetings. His phone kept disconnecting. He mentioned JMAC and I started googling ERI, America's Job Network, newcareersonline, ITS, and the list goes on and on, and the rat hole goes deeper and deeper... Here is another link >>> This Lady mentions all the sales pitches that I have heard. Adding that she hadn't got any interviews after 4 months. Be sure to read this one!!! It turns out they have many many websites with these names that all connect back to the same address 7979 E. Tufts Avenue, Suite 1400, Denver, CO 80237
800-374-8847 • fax 303-846-2836 That's where I sent my check. Be careful to notice that they make these claims of 25 to 30 recruiters per month and 4 real interviews. I just stopped payment on my check for 2500, and it's worth the 30.00 fee. Thank God I found this! Thanks many times!!!

Anonymous said...

Same old fly trap careful...

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard of or come across the name Everett Stephens, as part of this scam?

Anonymous said...

Hi it seem this scam is really going global. I'm from Mexico and today I was aproach by one of these managing partners by the way with an awful east european accent. he invite me to have a web cam interview tomorrow but after doing a quick reaserch I think it's not worthy even to waste more than the 30 min. I spoke with this guy. Please be patient and careful. It is not easy to find a good job or to make an improvement in your career but, A decent headhunter or career consultant won't charge you anything in advance.
I'll attach the e-mail I received after the telephone conversation.

I enjoyed our conversation today and look forward to discussing your career situation in more depth tomorrow at 2:00pm your time. In that meeting, I'll offer my thoughts on what your best possibilities are and how to expand your marketability. Also I'll suggest some ways to improve your resume and make it much more effective. Please be online at for the meeting. You'll learn how leveraging technology can make your search much easier and faster. You'll get some great ideas on: * the importance of "go to market" planning* resume styles that are working today* accessing the published and unpublished job market* establishing a personal marketing website* interviewing to win* negotiating your best package As I mentioned in our last conversation, we will have a productive work session and by the end of our meeting you'll be much further down the road. I look forward to our discussion. P.S. Please email me your resume in Word or PDF format before our call. Regards,
Isaac Khan, Managing Partner phone: (303) 357-3977
(303) 357-3977

Anonymous said...

I too was contacted recently by Johnmark Riddings of ERI. This RG blog was invaluable to me, well actually I can value it a $3500 saved. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I was just contacted today by a stating that received my profile but had no contact phone number. Thank God he doesn't have my number after reading all I have on here. Thank you all for your information and now Michael Cooper, 877-309-5432 could be another to add to the list.

Anonymous said...

I have been talking to Dennis Young, a represented from SET to sell me their services. SET stands for "Senior Executive Transitions." I got the same pitch as the others on this blog have already detailed. Young proudly stated to me that SET's software was extremely sophisticated and that they have received $35M in VC funding to support the SET organization. I received reference letters from supposedly SET clients who have landed great positions. The reference letters were first name and last initial. I suspected that these may be set ups, but in a way I really wanted to think this was on the up and up since a.) they claimed that 50% of all the executive positions were not published and b.) their amazing software could ferret out daily postings filtered for my qualifications and desired positions. Young was very pleasant and we talked a few times via scheduled appointments. After the second call, I received via Fed Ex. a book titled “The Professional Job Changing System,” by Gerberg and a professional pamphlet that is about 3/8 inch thick that is really nothing more that a sales promotion piece – but very nicely done.

Young was working me by stated that I would have to pass their review committee in order for me to be taken as a client. Sure enough, I was accepted due to my stellar qualifications. I bet they tell this to everyone. I too, was surprised that there was nothing on the web and that they were linked to

Young lives in S. Cal (or at least he says) and did not give me a good answer to why he was in S. Cal and the home office was in Denver. The quote for their services was consistent to the $8.5K previously mentioned by others, although I had options to take the lesser service package of around $5K. Young kept mentioning the 3 resumes, the professional backgrounder (a 3 page document explaining my professional background) and my personal website. So on it went – guarantee of getting at least one job offer in the first 90 days, negotiation coaching, techniques on how to skirt around job gaps, age, and other negatives. The one that is especially creative is their touting SET’s ability to highlight ones transferable skills. What senior executive can’t do this? And, of course, the assigning of a “marketing director” to me to oversee my job search project. And, if nothing happened in the 6 months, another marketing director would be assigned to me. Young even asked if I had talked it over with my wife regarding engaging SET. How thoughtful!

Young’s final closing statement was that for the cost of their service was nothing compared to my future income potential. At this point I said that I would partner with SET. If they found me a job for $X, I would pay them 10% of my first year’s income. This would be multiples of what they have already quoted. He did not like the direction this was going – stating simply that it was not their business model. Hum. I stated that if I were prequalified and that if they already have a guarantee that I would find a position within 3 months, why wouldn’t they take the 10% upon a successful conclusion to my search? Young repeated that this was not their model.

Bottom line is that there is an appeal to their stated services. The fact they report that they can tap into the 22,000 new job posting they say are listed everyday, combined with their statement that 50% of the senior positions are never posted it is easy for a potential client to want this to be true. Being already suspicious and having several red flags flying at full mast, I wanted to check out the blogs to see if there were any reports of “fraud.” Although SET may not be “fraud” in the classic sense, they do mislead one into thinking that they have their own unique software and that they have a high powered executive staff experienced within the executive search industry to assist one in their search. Now I know their high powered staff is ex landscaping help and their unique software is nothing more than press releases.

Anonymous said...

I have been talking to Dennis Young, a represented from SET to sell me their services. SET stands for "Senior Executive Transitions." I got the same pitch as the others on this blog have already detailed. Young proudly stated to me that SET's software was extremely sophisticated and that they have received $35M in VC funding to support the SET organization. I received reference letters from supposedly SET clients who have landed great positions. The reference letters were first name and last initial. I suspected that these may be set ups, but in a way I really wanted to think this was on the up and up since a.) they claimed that 50% of all the executive positions were not published and b.) their amazing software could ferret out daily postings filtered for my qualifications and desired positions. Young was very pleasant and we talked a few times via scheduled appointments. After the second call, I received via Fed Ex. a book titled “The Professional Job Changing System,” by Gerberg and a professional pamphlet that is about 3/8 inch thick that is really nothing more that a sales promotion piece – but very nicely done.

Young was working me by stated that I would have to pass their review committee in order for me to be taken as a client. Sure enough, I was accepted due to my stellar qualifications. I bet they tell this to everyone. I too, was surprised that there was nothing on the web and that they were linked to

Young lives in S. Cal (or at least he says) and did not give me a good answer to why he was in S. Cal and the home office was in Denver. The quote for their services was consistent to the $8.5K previously mentioned by others, although I had options to take the lesser service package of around $5K. Young kept mentioning the 3 resumes, the professional backgrounder (a 3 page document explaining my professional background) and my personal website. So on it went – guarantee of getting at least one job offer in the first 90 days, negotiation coaching, techniques on how to skirt around job gaps, age, and other negatives. The one that is especially creative is their touting SET’s ability to highlight ones transferable skills. What senior executive can’t do this? And, of course, the assigning of a “marketing director” to me to oversee my job search project. And, if nothing happened in the 6 months, another marketing director would be assigned to me. Young even asked if I had talked it over with my wife regarding engaging SET. How thoughtful!

Young’s final closing statement was that for the cost of their service was nothing compared to my future income potential. At this point I said that I would partner with SET. If they found me a job for $X, I would pay them 10% of my first year’s income. This would be multiples of what they have already quoted. He did not like the direction this was going – stating simply that it was not their business model. Hum. I stated that if I were prequalified and that if they already have a guarantee that I would find a position within 3 months, why wouldn’t they take the 10% upon a successful conclusion to my search? Young repeated that this was not their model.

Bottom line is that there is an appeal to their stated services. The fact they report that they can tap into the 22,000 new job posting they say are listed everyday, combined with their statement that 50% of the senior positions are never posted it is easy for a potential client to want this to be true. Being already suspicious and having several red flags flying at full mast, I wanted to check out the blogs to see if there were any reports of “fraud.” Although SET may not be “fraud” in the classic sense, they do mislead one into thinking that they have their own unique software and that they have a high powered executive staff experienced within the executive search industry to assist one in their search. Now I know their high powered staff is ex landscaping help and their unique software is nothing more than press releases.

dotcommonsense said...

I have been on both sides of the desk in this industry. Many years ago I became a client of the old Bernard Haldane Associates. Keep in mind that Bernard Haldane the person was in fact the developer of much of the methodology used by corporate outplacement firms to this day.
Well, Bernard's big mistake was selling his name and business to unscrupulous people.
Let's view Bernard Haldane (the person) as the master Jedi. Bernard discovered the job hunting "Force" and codified it in several books. He had many disciples. Some of these used the "Force" in a positive way, including Richard Bolles, author of "What Color is Your Parachute." However, some disciples succumbed to the "Dark side of the Force." These formed the many companies complained of above and on Ripoff Report, and on and on, going back to a Sixty Minutes expose of Bernard Haldane Associates in the early 1970s.

Some Definitions:
Corporate Outplacement firms - These firms counsel and assist laid off executives, and often even lower level employees. The Corporation pays the fee - never the client.

Retail Career Counseling firms - fall into all shapes and sizes. They deliver services similar to corporater outplacement firms, BUT the client pays out of pocket. Abuses arise because the people selling the service are generally not the people delivering the service. Even when the service delivered is good, it can't complet with the "miracles" that are being sold.
If you need a coach, get a solo practitioner with good credentials who will both sell and deliver the service, and will be totally candid regarding what they will do and what you will do in the process. These independent consultants will probably charge hourly as you go.


I have worked for both corporate outplacement and retail career counseling firms. From the consultant's perspective, we worked as hard for both and had equal concern for our clients in both firms. Again, the retail firms fail because they oversell.

Let's look at the ITS/SET Chain. In around 1975-76, Robert James Gerberg, Sr. left the corporate world and began to counsel executives on improving their job searches and careers. Gerberg had some great ideas and wrote a very interesting book, since revised many times so it looks like lots of books, and he collected a few talented people around him. At this point Gerberg understood "The Force", but alas, chose to drift to the dark side , into the retail career counseling business.

Robert James Gerberg, Sr. remade himself first as Robert Jameson Gerberg, and later as Robert Jameson, a nice WASPy sounding name that would have credibility. He founded Robert Jameson Associates in direct competition with Bernard Haldane Associates. To do that, he needed several offices, which required having salespeople who did not deliver the services personally. Jameson Associates expaned throughout the country, but soon had the usual complaints. In 1985 or 1986 the New Jersey Attorney General successfully sued RJA, and got damages and pledges to be a good citizen and the like. Shortly after that, Gerberg sold the company and moved to Colorado.

The rest you know from the earlier part of the Blog. Gerberg founded McKensie Scott, in Denver along similar lines as RJA, although McKensie did a lot more long distance consulting, avoiding the need for leases or for setting up in states hostile to the retail career industry.

The thing is that if Gerberg, Sr. had stayed on the good side of the Force, he could have had a hugely successful Corporate Outplacement firm.
So as you explore the career services industry through these blogs, remember that the people who are complaining are not lying and the people who say they had great experiences are probably also not lying. It works for some people.

Just don't pay a big fee up front for something you can get free or for a pay-as-you-go consulting fee.

I hope that helps somebody.

Anonymous said...

I know these guys are like all the other that want fees up front. NEVER NEVER NEVER pay someone to "Market" or "Brand" you. Add a company in NY to the list call themselves "WIN" a girl calls from your resume on blah blah blah thinks you are a perfect candidate for their Executive of blah blah b;ah to give you a call, make a firm appt and make sure you are there. After an hour of placating and making statements to impress a 16 year old girl they lower the boom for the hard close. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE CARE OF OUR $6900 COST TO GET YOU IN FRONT OF YOUR NEXT THREE PERSPECTIVE EMPLOYERS NEXT WEEK......

Anonymous said...

Dennis Young struck again! Evanston Parker Douche & Bag. I hadn't had a chance to do any research on him and the company when I spoke with him on the phone the first time. I could see where he was channeling the conversation, trying to get me to beleive that my resume wasn't up to par. Asked me if I had been getting any results from resumes sent out(which I have, he wasn't ready for that answer), did I think that I was seeing all the job openings out there. One funny question he asked me was if I thought that I was seeing the unpublished or private job listings that weren't on Job boards??? Duh! Come on, if they weren't published somewhere or on a job board how would I have seen them? Dennis seemed nice enough, but at the end of our conversation I could tell he was reading a script. I am assuming he is new to the company since he had to read from a script at the end of the call.

I had a thought that this would lead to him trying to sell me something because of his different comments and the verbage that he used. My instinct was right, and am glad that there were others out there that could confirm my thoughts. Although it would have been pretty funny to laugh him off the phone if he asked for 5.5K to8.5K for his services.

I am not going to proof read this post so if it has some errors, I apologize. Just wanted to get my experience on here.

Anonymous said...

I got a call from Dawn VonGraff, Senior Consultant, SET/ERI Personal Marketing. Her email address is She found me through Same scam that everyone on this blog is describing. I never got the stage where a price was pitched.

Anonymous said...

I was reading this Blog about Evanston, Parker, Bennett, Millburn & Associates or NOW know as EPBM. Anywho, I get this call from a guy telling me you resume has been forward to us by an associate. So, I let the guy entertain me with this story. Almost just shy to telling me the lottery numbers are going to be, I decided, for the heck of it I would meet this clown to see what the deal was. I met him at a very, very upscale office. The staff I meet were all well dressed and rather nice. Surprising...... Oh it gets better. So, I meet with a different gentleman, who tell me that Mark suggested I work with you due to your exactitude status. The tone of this gentleman was quite different. He proceeds to tell me about the company and it ability to network with outside companies. He rattles off so big names. I just keep listening. And tells me that with my unique skill set I should be making 6 figures. Im still listening at this point. With minimum interaction from myself. He completes his masterpiece of a job delivery to me and says we can get the job that your looking for thats not out on the open market. I already smelled a rat prior to going there. But I really wanted to see what these clowns were really getting at. After he delivers his masterpiece. I say so let me get this straight your going to guarantee the job. Yes.... I said how can you make such a statement. He said well I cant disclose all of the information as your are not yet a client. BINGO ! So, at this point I decided to turn the same game playing BS right back at him as if Im really interested. Back and forth we go. He was getting really excited, and then says let me have my assistant get the forms ( THE CONTRACT IS WHAT HE SHOULD HAVE SAID). Forms are right in front of me. Im looking over it, I have a gift for speed reading contracts. He says Oh you looked over it. I said why yes. But..... Let me get this straight you want up front 5500 to connect me with a possible job lead? And in your contract you stating that you dont guarantee the job. Simply the ability to possibly make the connection. It would be solely up to "the client" myself to land the job. Well.... He says but....And well....I kept cutting him off. At this point you cant keep the script when I can see a mile long what they were getting at. Then the guy had the *alls to say, look you can put it on your credit card, so it not an out of pocket expensive. REALLY! Comeon. I spent about 10 mins laying into him there practices. And promptly left. However, on my way out wouldn't you know it 2 gentleman sitting in the waiting room. All well dressed. I said excuse me. Are you here to see Mark? Yes. I said, I just meet with them. Oh... They said. I said If you have 5500 bucks to spend for a contact name for a job lead would you do that? No, why, what ever do you mean. I said simply well just like you I decided to respond to the add. And after my meeting there is an UPFRONT cost of 5500 with no guarantee results. The all said are you sure. I said, yes. They all said thank you and all walked out. It was great !

Anonymous said...

I saw EPDM on and posted my resume. Amazingly,I was contacted by Bob West of SET, who said that I was obviously a talented individual and that my resume stood out. He was calling from Texas. Our conversation was interrupted numerous times by other calls Bob had to take. I also found it very interesting that I could clearly hear the family dog barking in the background.

Bob West explained how SET could help me. I explained to him that I was already working with an outplacement firm, which was provided by former employer. Bob West immediately began to discredit my outplacement firm and explained how SET could do so much more for me. He went so far as to suggest that I contact my former employer, to see if they would be willing to redirect the fees, which they were paying to my existing, reputable outplacement firm, to SET. Bob West specifically requested that I not use his name, or SET's name, in my discussions with my former employer, because he did not want it to appear as though SET was stealing clients, which could possibly tarnish SET's image. Hah!

The entire call lasted about 15 minutes. I was hoping the call would last longer, so that I could be further entertained by such a bush league operation.

There's a sucker born every minute. EPDM, ITS, SET, and whatever other names they go by, are depending on this fact to entrap good people, some of whom might be down on their luck, into doing something that they need not do. Steer clear of these guys.

Thanks for this site, so that good people are warned about these sharks.

Anonymous said...

I would like to begin by stating that I am a former employee of the Bernard Haldane organization. That said, I am writing to clear up some facts and fallacies about career consulting/marketing agencies including ITS/SET/AJN/EPBM (the Gerberg group), Haldane and others.

I left the Haldane organization many years ago because the product was not delivered as advertised. Since then I have opened my own agency bringing to my clients a most effective format for a professional search. I am not here to promote my agency but to share some things I have learned over the last 20 years.

First, no matter what the sales person says, the purpose of these agencies is to ASSIST a person in obtaining employment by using various means, never to act as an agent for the client or as a recruiter. Assistance may include skill assessments, resume prep, database access, mailings (or emailings), and advice on methods, interviewing, and negotiations.

Lets look at a few 'conventional wisdoms'.

1: Never pay for a job. True, but when hiring a consulting firm, that is not what you are paying for. You are paying for expertise, advice, methodology, analysis, and support.

2: Only deal with recruiters. False. Recruiters work for employers and have specific marching orders about the desired candidate. Recruiters serve a purpose and should be part of an overall strategy, they are not working for you.

3: Resumes get you noticed. True. Sometimes. Most often not.

4: Everybody know how to network. False.
Most people know how to ask a friend or contact if they know of any openings or opportunities. This is not networking, this is putting the burden of your search on someone else, asking them to be an advocate for you, or provide a reference. Your contact base will disappear rapidly with this approach.

The agencies discussed on this site can be helpful, but great care should be taken in employing their services. In the event you feel some value may be obtained, negotiate a fee you feel represents the value of what you will get.

Now, a few words about candidates. I have interviewed many thousands of executives over the years and very few were proficient at conducting a proper search. They thought because they were good at their job that they were good at everything, that job hunting was easy and that because of their past they should be snapped up in no time flat. Reading the comments here I am struck by the arrogance of the posters. Many express an attitude of entitlement, i.e. someone should provide them with all the help they need (they really mean get me a job), and do it for free. Let me ask you, when did you last apply for a job with the caveat that you would need to rely on someone with little or no expertise and then be paid only if they succeeded? Not one of the commenters here would dream of accepting that kind of job. Neither would I.

90 % of the candidates I have interviewed could not answer the simple question 'What are you looking to do next? They expected someone to 'divine' their future, locate the right organization, roll out the red carpet and lead them to the promised land, all for free.

There have always been, and will always be charlatans in every industry. Just because there are some who would take advantage of frightened job seekers does not mean all are looking to fleece the flock.

The best advice I can offer is, first check the ego at the door, and do your homework about who you might do business with.

Remember, as an executive, your job was to employ the best people you could find with the expertise you needed to get the job done. Why should job hunting be any different?

Anonymous said...

The prior post by Anonymous nails the issue down. I too have worked in both Corporate Outplacement and what is generally referred to as Retail Career Counseling (Client pays the fee). I was first a client of the old Bernard Haldane organization, realized that I had been sold more than they delivered, but had some great delivery consultants who taught me a lot about job search technique.

As result I decided that what I really wanted to do was career coaching. I worked for Gerberg's earliest company Robert Jameson Associates. Robert James Gerberg initially used the "nom de plume" Robert Jameson because Jameson sounded more WASPy than Gerberg. The delivery consultants were always at the mercy of the salespeople, who always sold more than could be delivered. They always talked about selling the sizzle, not the steak.

After Gerberg ran afoul of the New Jersey Attorney General, he took his business and his vast wine cellar to Colorado, where he does his thing as described so many times above.

I also worked for many years in Corporate Outplacement (Terminating company pays the fee). Nobody complains about their outplacement, unless they mistakenly think their consultant will "find them a job." It's free, paid by the former employer, so any help or improvement in the job search or the job search tools is a plus.

But when you are tricked into paying an up-front fee, thinking there is a magic network in place that they will plug you into, then you have every right to gripe about the bait and switch. Most companies will give some refund if pushed hard enough. The thing is that their contracts are deceptive. In most cases, the refund provision is based on what percentage of the service is "delivered". Do the assessment materials, they earn 20%, Get a resume and they earn another 25%, take a seminar and they earn another 10%. Things are usually going well at this point. By the time the actual "job campaign" officially starts the company has probably "earned" 90%. But the dissatisfaction happens during the active campaign, when the magic network fails to appear and the client realizes that they have to do it themselves. Hopefully, the consultant assigned to work with the client is savvy and clever in helping the client help themselves. But this all happens during the final 10%, so if the client gets disgruntled two months into the service, the contract has justified the 90%.

So be on guard. Despite the many claims above, not everyone can do it alone, just by reading the internet or "What Color is Your Parachute." Clients always called with questions of strategy and tactics. You can't just call the author of "Parachute" and ask questions.

Best bet is to find an independent career counselor who is savvy both in the assessment process - finding out what you will be happy doing, as well as in the strategy of job search. These folks abound, and they usually charge hourly as you go, avoiding the big out-of-pocket that the snakeoil firms charge.

So if you think you are walking into a potential scam, take your tape recorder along to keep the salesperson honest.

Good luck with your job search.

JefferyB said...

Another name to watch out for - "Sue Yelvington". Also note the domain in the email address she used:

Emailed her back saying I will not pay a fee for service. Let's see how eager she is...

Anonymous said...

I read this post over a year ago after I had signed up and paid my $5,500 and almost got sick to my stomach. But because I still liked the resume, letters & personal web site ( that I coudln't have made on my own) I stuck it out--and I'm back now to say I'm glad I did. I know from previous posts I'll probably be called a "plant", if so, so be it. These guys gave me exactly what I paid for. They didnt promise me a job, didn't promise me interviews. The old saying " Junk in-Junk out" might apply here and Im sorry if I'm offending anyone. They basically "Market" you. They don't take monkey dong and convert it to gold, they market the best they can with what they get. They don't roll out a red carpet in front of hiring managers and it seems that those disatisfied here had that mind set. Could you do it yourself? Sure you could. Could you do it better than they do it--well, I'm in sales and I know I couldn't and I got two decent offers three months after starting their program. I had an impressive background to begin with, so instead of blaming these guys for not getting you a job, maybe some here need to look in the mirror. If you didnt like what they presented to you or thought it was junk, they have a money back guarantee. Someone else who also had success was call not credible because they didn't give their seems that everyone with negative comments are also not giving their name. Simply put, its a service, they helped with advice, they gave me what they said they would, and the recruiter that found me was thrilled to be presenting someone that looked as good as I did on paper--and on the web. This isn't for everyone, as I said, Junk in-Junk out, and no one guaranteed me anything except that if I wasn't happy with how they packaged me I can get my money back--and sorry to say-- as I know I'll be slammed-- it helped. Could I have gotten a job without them? Of course, I did before, but they made my search better, faster, easier. Can companies do better without hiring consultants? Maybe--but why to companies pay consultants when they don't guarantee that their advice will get hard results? Maybe this will get posted, maybe not, all I know is that a lot of blogs are created and controlled by those with an ax to grind, competitors, and ex-employees. Even when I went to a blogger's link who left his first name that link was not available. We'll see if this gets posted.

Anonymous said...

There are so many of these firms around seems the more people in need of jobs the more of these snakes pop up. If there is not a specific job posing on a board never bother answering. These people make me sick. NEVER NEVER pay for a job, consulting, coaching or for that matter a resume. There are local resources, support groups and free services available. You will lose your money and time for nothing but yet another scam. You might as well send the money to Nigeria!!!!! You will get the same thing.

Steve H in Missouri said...

THANK GOD FOR THIS POST!! I almost spent $3950 with them last week. It's funny how a "Tech & Service" company has you fax your credit card info?? Wha?? They speak about a 35M investment into Technology and you can't pay on line. I went though the entire thing and had my doubts but said they can send the proposal and when I received the PDF for 5500 but could pay 3950 as "special pricing" for this month I knew this place as a joke. Thanks to everyone who comments on this site. I hope others do their investigation before waisting their time with ERI - SET or who ever they are.

Anonymous said...

I want to first say “Thank You” for all those who have shared their experiences by posting. It has saved me so much time and money. I sincerely hope that there is a special place in hell for people who knowingly mislead and cheat others, to make a living. This is the first post I have ever participated in and the reason I am writing is because I know what it’s like to be “Scammed” and “Ripped Off.” As a result, I decided to do my due diligence before I commit to anything anymore. I have been looking for a job for the last 8 months, in a new career field and a new state. I decided to relocate from New Mexico to Texas for personal reasons. So began the job search. I have been contacted by several obvious scammers but this email caught my interest.
On March 29th 2011 I received an email from a Mr. Tom Singleton from Executive Search with subject header “Your Name, about your resume.” They obtained my email address and contact information from jobsites. I thought that it was a place I had applied to until I reviewed the ~45 minute video presentation. It seemed like just the thing I was looking for so I completed a profile on the ERI Personal Marketing website.
The initial email:
Tue, March 29, 2011 5:23:28 PM
Ms. XXXX, about your job search
From: Tom Singleton


Welcome to Executive Search Online. Your registration is complete.

I sincerely hope you are doing well in your job search. In these economically challenging days you need every possible advantage, so I thought you should know about this demonstration of job search methods and technologies that have helped thousands win a better life.

Begin Demonstration

Also be sure to use our super-sized job search, which combines listings from numerous sites. It's very convenient.

Your temporary password is: XXXXXX
Log in to personalize your password as soon as you can.


Tom Singleton, Senior Consultant

PS: You are receiveving this message because you registered on
8547 E. Arapahoe Road, Suite #J 136 Greenwood Village, CO 80112-1430
To opt out of future email messages please visit

On April 5th I receive a call and email from a Connie Vallone, Senior Consultant at ERI Personal Marketing asking for an appointment. ERI Personal Marketing | SET Personal Marketing 1-877-Number Phone Consultant

We spoke on April 7th for about 45 minutes. She seemed defensive for the first 20 minutes and then turned out to have a decent conversation. I’m going to follow-through with the telephone call on April 12th because I’m curious however, after reading the reviews posted on this site and others. I will not be wasting a cent and will have to tell my friend it is a scam before she invests. To note some information on their website was free and helpful but when/if they ask for the sale…forget it!

Anonymous said...

I'm sad to see these dirtbags are still in business. I had a run in with McKenzie Scott back in 2003. I took their Career Change classes in Denver. 99% was a simple rehash of any 3rd rate management science book. The resume rewrite was questionable and I actually found copies of the cover letters they gave me in a book at Borders. When I got home and got the bill I noticed they had added a mass mailing of my resume to something like 4000 companies for an additional $8000. I remembered one of the slides that showed mass mailings had a success ratio of less than 1%. I called my agent and we had a rather heated discussion. I had also noticed many of the "exclusive" postings on their internal website were word for word copies of postings on other job sites. When I pointed that out as well they got defensive and hung up. I called the credit card company (luckily I had used my AMEX GOLD card) and disputed the payment. Got a call from the "Managing Partner" regarding the stop payment. I explained the situation to him and after some grousing he agreed to refund the mass mailing money if I would sign a release for the remainder of the course. I got another 20% out of him before agreeing and then filed a complaint with the AGs in both Colorado and Kansas. AG told me they had had numerous complaints about them and were launching an investigation into MS practices. Never heard any more and my log in was cancelled as soon as I signed the release for the credit card company.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of the helpful comments here. You prevented me from making a bad mistake.

Here's a new name to look at for:
Mark McClatchey

He claims to be from ERI but email is at

Ken said...

...any updates or how did it turn out. SET Corporation (ERI Personal Marketing) is rated A+ by the Denver BBB and have only had 4 complaints as of May 16, 2011?

Anonymous said...

Hi ,
I understand your concern. These conversations with former clients are not supposed to mirror your career path, but provide first hand experience about the process and how and why it works. The marketing strategies, identification of industry options and access to the unpublished market not the client's background is what makes this close to a fool proof process. Toss in the superior coaching and support, and that is why our clients receive multiple offers within the marketplan period. We have been doing this for years with a 99.9% success rate. As a client you have 2 guarantees, a money back guarantee before implementation and a performance guarantee after implementation. These guarantees are your safety net. We wouldn't be in business very long if we weren't producing significant results with those types of client protection.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone come across Dr. Bradford Wright, a SET Senior Consultant, in this process? He suggested that 99.6% of SET customers receive jobs within 3 months, no SET customer has received less than 11 calls and that 90% of the jobs SET customers receive come from their initial distribution. I'd like some help verifying these stats. Thanks

Anonymous said...

In Wester PA they go by the name EPBM and have several job posting on Ok, so I will admit that I jumped in with both feet and paid the fee. My "counselor's" name was Jack Bailey. Needless to say my "contract" expired and I have not landed another job. I am embarrassed that I fell for the package but I was in such a hurry to change jobs that I was desperate. I am posting to make sure others in my area do not reply to the postings and fall for the sales pitch.

Anonymous said...

ACT: Advanced Career Technologies, beware all out of work executives. They prey on you like tricker-treating on Halloween. I was " FOOL " enough to be taken in and go to a one week training session to take a job as a Sales Exec. I was recruited, all very slick and polished. I wrote a long essay / comment but somehow it got deleted from this site as I went to Post. Bottom line - stay away. I never worked for this company as I knew I would never sleep at night cheating hard-working Americans out of $5900 a pop. I quit the day I got back from training. But I spent ( 5 ) days in the Offices of ACT learning the ropes and abserving what really goes on. For my entire story , please go to my BLOG :
My only goal is to save one person from spending a nickel with this company. - Sales Exec Trainee.

Anonymous said...

I had responded to a LinkedIn job link that was directed at "executives with 10 years experience seeking careers paying $150k to $500k"
Obviously I was intrigued and filled out their information.
Bob West from SET contacted me by phone and I was in a meeting and couldn't speak. He said he would call me the very next day. He did not but did send a very terse e-mail stating that he had left more than several voice mails for me. If I did not contact him by close of business on the next day, which was a Saturday, he would know that i wasn't interested and would "archive" my information. Oh, and this e-mail came in at 9:46PM Friday evening! Hard, offer withdrawal, urgency needed, closes when people are looking for careers to secure themselves and their families will ALWAYS indicate a scam.
Thank god, I have a wonderful job and am seeking only to relocate and would never, ever, pay someone to "market me personally"...that's a joke.
STAY AWAY FROM SET, ITS, NEWCAREERNETWORKONLINE as well as any iteration of this network of predatory, hard closing scammers.

Taken said...

I too was taken by ITS, JMAC, SET, EMI etc. Can anyone advise me how to get my money back? In February 2010 I filed with my credit card a "Fraud" case....and the credit card company reversed the charges, but then reinstated them. To date, July 2011, I am still out of work, $8,500 more in debt. Any and ALL advice is appreciated. These vultures need to be STOPPED. If there is a lawyer who will assist me, I will split the funds recovered. Sorry to say it is only AFTER you agree on the resume you really get to find out what a FRAUD these people are. My credentials are of an executive nature, promised my phone would ring off the hook, the offers I did have were for sales jobs of furniture companies, insurance sales, etc....not even close to what was promised. I am struggling to pay off my cards, lost my car and if anything, my morale and self-confidence has been damaged to the point of suicide. HELP ME PLEASE. Please reply to

Anonymous said...


Stay away from SET/ERI Group Division and a lady named Grace Amaya at Direct (414)243-8177 or (877)796-7635. Ask yourself this question? Why would I pay several thousands of dollars to someone you have never met nor validated the company? Or yet, met the person on the other line who is pressuirng you for $5,000? HELLO!!! Hell, most of us don't like to pay the electric bill or parking ticket of a couple hundred bucks much less a group of scammers.

Anonymous said...

Add Glenn Scott to your list. I fell for for SET's scam and was fleeced out of $8K. Long on promises, non-existent on deliveries. They prey on the unemployed and charge exorbitant fees for sources that available for free. Their resumes are a complete joke. After 3 attempts, I still don't have one that is useable. Annette Benning was assigned to me as my "Marketing Director". She was no help. I wouldn't hear from for weeks at a time. Eventually, I was passed onto Paul Bokelman. They are all cut from the same crooked cloth. How these bottom feeders can sleep at night is beyond me. They obviously have no soul. I wished I had spent more time researching. If I would have this blog, I never would have bitten. There has got to be a way to put these scoundrels out of business.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog. After reading a number of posts I decided to cancel my second 45 min. phone call with a representative from ERI.

There were a few warning signs that went up such as the rep being rather evasive when I asked him about the cost to the services.
Another one was that in the initial email I received it said that they got my resume through a referral. However, they never said who referred me. A third thing that was suspicious to me was that their website is at whereas the email domain is
What confused me was their very slick marketing and the fact that the rep seemed personable and was not pressuring me at all in the first conversation we had.
Thank goodness I did a little background research on them on the internet and found this sight.
Thank you so much for saving me time and potentially a lot of money.

Anonymous said...


My recent experience with ERI is much along the lines of the other posts here. That being said, listen carefully and consider what they are proposing. What can realistically be expected? One key I noted is much verbal commentary about money back guarantee, however no such language in the service agreement you are asked to sign. To take all the info you provide, repackage it and talk to you ... seems pretty expensive in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I hear you. I've been out of work for a few years now, despite having a PhD and MBA, along with years of experience in various positions.

I have been posting resumes, profiles, etc. everywhere, so imagine my faint glimmer of hope when I received a voice mail from Laureen Reeve with ERI (now Executive Resumes International) with a follow-up email from The first red flag was that she requested that I send her a PDF or Word copy of my resume. I assumed she gained my contact info from one of the many legit sites I had registered with previously. Why need a copy of my resume?

Anyway, I got my last job of ten years through a recruiter who was actually hired by my company to find candidates based on their qualifications, so I didn't think much of it.

I spent about 20 minutes on the phone with her when she called for our "appointment." This was basically the first salvo of the sales pitch, the rest being reserved for another date after I had reviewed the link to their website (by the way, doesn't link to anything, and no one apparently owns the domain name. Wanna buy it?)

Since I didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday, I went online to find what I could and reviewed several sites/blogs, including this one, warning everyone about scams such as this. Rather than sit through hours of a sales pitch, I'm going to send her a "Dear Jane" letter today saying something to dissuade her from moving forward. I've had friends in HR for many years who all say the same thing: Never pay a company to find you a job - too good to be true.

Anonymous said...

I almost fell for it. I suddenly feel $5900.00 richer. Something didn't seem right but initially I couldn't put my finger on it. Most companies I know that are looking for top talent pay for a firm to locate those individuals. So this was a turn for me. I put some magical number is my head that I would be willing to pay and I didn't even get close. My wife said that this had SCAM written all over it. That is the problem sometimes when you are too close to something, you can't see the writing on the wall.

I asked them for references that I could call before I'd commit and there seemed to be a lot of distractions thrown out, as if I would forget what I had asked for. I kept bringing up the reference thing and they spouted out “well our policy is to not allow this type of interaction with our clients, however, I like you so I will make an exception.” But for their 5000 plus clients that they work with per year it seemed pretty hard for them to locate one person let along the 5 that I requested to speak with. To confuse things even more they thought that throwing the discount verbiage in was going to win me over. I think at that point their credibility started to decline. They started to get a little more shady when I told them I need to run this by my accountant and lawyer before I can make any solid commitments.

At this point I started to back door them searching everywhere only to find multiple companies all with the same jargon on their websites. They pointed me to the BBB website and when I identified that they had several complaints, they seemed dumbfounded. "Well that is pretty good odds. We handle over 5000 clients a year, so you’re bound to get some that are not happy." I pointed out that not only were they not happy but they felt that the company made no effort to try and correct the complaints. I think what threw me over the edge was when I read a previous comment on this page that actually identified names of people in the company.

They kept going back to their unconditional guarantee. They rattled on and on about how this was a sure thing and that I could back out at any point. I said that it all sounded good except that I couldn't find the non-truncated version of their unconditional guarantee. They then said for my comfort that they would send me a copy of the real contract so I could feel more comfortable. The link to the document had yet again another company name listed which is how I made it to this website. I searched for that company name and complaints and here I landed.

I am surprised that something more cannot be done to prevent companies like these feeding on those that might be in a weakened state while looking for a job. It is too bad. Stay away from these guys they may sound like your friend, but they are preying on your bank accounts. This is s total SCAM.

Anonymous said...

this is interesting, just got an e mail from a Bruce Heckleman at a compant called SET, on a whim looked it up and found your site of Mckenzie Scott. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Since I just got an email from these guys (now coming to us as or SET), I thought I would share my email response to their request for a "teleconference", I can't wait to see if there is a response. (By the way, I never
submitted ANYTHING through their "recruiting site") HEH. See below:

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2011 11:29 AM
To: (edited out)
Subject: I have your resume..would like to speak with you

Hello (edited out):

I have reviewed the resume you submitted through our recruiting site and would like to schedule a time to speak with you. You can reach me at (877) 357-0128 or respond via return email with a convenient time/date for us to have a teleconference.


Scott Priester, Senior Consultant/Managing Director
SET Corporation

Corporate offices: (877) 357-0128
Cell direct 904-576-5696

From: My name edited out [mailto:(edited)]
Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2011 11:55 AM
To: ''
Subject: RE: I have your resume..would like to speak with you

Scott; I have an IQ (last checked) at 138. I also have Google.
Please refrain from further contact.

p.s. - when using an ellipsis in your sentences - such as you "incorrectly" did in your
subject line - please be aware of the common usage and meaning of the ellipsis (...); the use of an ellipsis in the middle of your sentence would connotate an intentional omission of a word or perhaps a sentence, paragraph or more. Since I am intelligent and common-sensical, I googled your company first and I can see why this omission may have been very intentional. Have a great end of GO GET THAT COMMISSION CHECK, hard-charger!


Anonymous said...

Here the reply I got to my email (see below my earlier response):

From: (edited) []
Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2011 11:55 AM
To: Scott Priester
Subject: RE: I have your resume..would like to speak with you

Scott; I have an IQ (last checked) at 138. I also have Google.

Please refrain from further contact.

p.s. - when using an ellipsis in your sentences - such as you "incorrectly" did in your subject line - please be aware of the common usage and meaning of the ellipsis (...); the use of an ellipsis in the middle of your sentence would connotate an intentional omission of a word or perhaps a sentence, paragraph or more. Since I am intelligent and common-sensical, I googled your company first and I can see why this omission may have been very intentional. Have a great end of GO GET THAT COMMISSION CHECK, hard-charger!


from Scott Priester
to Bill deArmon
date Wed, Oct 5, 2011 at 12:16 PM
subject RE: I have your resume..would like to speak with you

You made my day.

I need a laugh from time to time.......

For accurate info on our firm,

You can google ( BBB Denver )
Go to BBB main webiste for Denver/Boulder
Check the middle orange bar ( Find a BBB accredited business)
Type ( SET ) in the name field
Click on SET Corporation

You will see our A+ rating.

Good luck in your search, all the best.

Scott Priester
Senior Consulting
877-357-0128 Phone

and then a further email:

Scott Priester to me


My IQ is 134 ( last checked)

Scott Priester
Senior Consulting
877-357-0128 Phone

Awesome stuff.

Anonymous said...

Wow, they are really going global... I live in Monterrey, México, and... well, look at this:

Subject: Your Career Profile


I see you took the opportunity to view our video tour of the job market and our new capabilities, and hope that you enjoyed them; also I have reviewed the profile you submitted through our recruiting site and would like to schedule a time to speak with you.

You can reach me at 800-730-6569 or 303-846-2801 (USA) or respond via return email with a convenient time/date for us to have a teleconference.

P.S. Please email me your resume in Word or PDF format before our teleconference.


Isaac Khan, Managing Partner

phone: (800) 730-6569 (USA)


Anonymous said...

WOW!!Ok everyone and now the real story--- I worked at ITS/ERI/SET and now drum roll please... introducing the new TAPIT. I was hired as a "senior consultant" and the sales training is designed to be not only very slick but also specifically geared to make sure you use certain words and NOT others to describe their services. When I was recruited to join this organization, I was promised a 1st year income of 80k-100k (commission only position)--with 2nd year potential of 125k +.(completly unrealistic) I jumped at the chance because I had been looking for a work from home opportunity and had no income at the time.
I got on a plane, flew to Denver, spent 3 days in training and fronted all of my travel expenses with a promise of being reimbursed for those expenses if I produced 25k in revenue within 60 days. Otherwise I would not be reimbursed. First of all, this is an impossibility unless you want to spend 15 hours on the phone calling dozens of people who you must take to a live "demo" of the "new" TAPIT services and keep them on the phone at least 30 minutes--oh by the way for all you that have paid or have been told to pay $2500-$6500 for these services DO NOT DO IT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES !!! The "new and improved" TAPIT is really the old regurgitated JMAC which is now being offered at $995. These professional con artists change their fees, company name, websites and polices by the week and sometimes as often as by the day.They do this so that no one can find blogs like these. As a past employee I can confirm that almost everything you have read in this blog is true and accurate. These slime bags are great at spinning-- the real scums are the "partners"--that simply care about lining their pockets with the money of unsuspecting people who have posted their resumes on various websites that "appear" to be recruting sites. My advise to ethical sales people-- go somewhere else to work-- my advise to people investigating this company-- RUN!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan, I am delighted you have created this blog--please let me share some more very valuable "insider" information with you and your readers about ACT ( Advanced Career Technologies) also known as ERI/SET, and now the new TAPIT and also known as now defunct names such as MCkenzie Scott,ITS, USAJobMarket and who knows what else. As a past sales rep AKA "senior consultant" for this so called "firm"-- I can tell you that I have not read ONE single review in your blog that was misleading or deceptive. If by posting this entry, one or more of your readers are spared parting with their hard earned money--I will have done my due here goes.
What they sell at ACT is smoke and mirrors that's all. When an unsuspecting prospect is contacted in most cases it's because he/she visited what appeared to be a recruiter website asking for their resume and other personal data. That's how the hunt begins. A consultant will then call you under the disguise of wanting to review your resume, your job seeking goals, your aspirations and a bunch of other crap they could care less about. They feel that the more they get you to talk, the more you will be vulnerable to their sales pitch.After a long winded series of totally unsubstantiated and unproven claims regarding career and resume advise along with more BS regarding how many people in jobs over 100k are in the private sector--they are ready to inject the "poison Kool Aid" into the unsuspecting prospect. How they do this varies by "sales consultant" but overall we are trained to wear down the caller to a point where they feel terrible about their resume, the way they are seeking a new job or worse why and how long they've been unemployed. You are made to believe that without their service you will FAIL miserably at seeking good employment and that you will be in the job market so long your biggest "liability" will be just that. They train us with a total BS sales handbook called the "High Trust Marketing Manual" which is nothing but a sprial notebook with screenshots of their sales "career discussion"--cloaked with phrases we are required to use called "wordtracks." Now here's the really good part--this company does NOT let any of it's sales reps ever ever view what the hell the inside of TAPIT looks like. TAPIT is the database or "system" your are spending your money on to access all of the wonderful fairytale-like things they promise their unsuspecting (victim) clients. Think about that for a minute. I get hired by this stinking lousy company to sell their crappy services and I CAN NOT even be trusted enough during the training to see what the #@#@!
I'm going to be selling??? RED FLAG RED FLAG--when you ask senior managment about this you are told it is "propriatary" and that we ( the sales staff) are not allowed access--WTF? Here's another good one to think about. If you ask to be sent client testimonials none of them, not ONE will have anyones last name or company on it. So a so-called testimonial will read like this.." Mary S. gets 75k position in up and coming IT firm in Milwaukee Wisconsin-a 10% pay raise over what she expected"--- If these testimonials are legit then why in the world dont they simply ask permission of past clients to use their first and LAST names along with company to confirm validity? And it only gets worse from there. This company is going to continue to rip off thousand of unsuspecting people until they either 1. Get shut down due to a federal investigation or class action suit 2. The owners get thrown in prison for fraudulent business practices or 3. They close their doors because they've run out of names to call themselves-- you can run but you can not hide. Please DO NOT DO BUSINESS with this company. I have stated my peace and am thrilled not to be working within this pool of sharks any longer. Good luck to all of you in your career search.

Anonymous said...

Two more slime snake oil bottom feeders to watch out for are DAN WARD and RON STANTON-- they may contact you as "managing partners" or "senior partners"-- these social losers are nothing more than con men cloaked as "caring company consultants" these two guys are the masters and will grind you down and make you feel like crap if you don't buy this useless service.

Anonymous said...

As a former employee of Advanced Career Technologies aka: ITS, Americas Job Network, Mckenzie Scott I would like to plead with any and all prospective clients or employees to reconsider doing business with them or any other name they decide to change the company to in the future. Having been behind the scenes I saw first hand the way they do business. Having potential employees take money out of their own pocket to start working with an extremely high turnover rate to never be reimbursed is very unethical in my eyes. But that's just where it starts. Clients pay out hundreds if not thousands of dollars of money they in many cases cannot afford in the hopes this company will find them a new position. This doesn't happen for most clients. They end up in the same place they started in: Unemployed. The only difference being now they are in a very hard financial situation usually due to depleting savings, assets 401k's and credit cards to pay for this service. Within the recruiting department There are unethical practices in place such as discrimination and asking questions to prospective employees that are illegal. I was told when being hired as a recruiter that the sales force was given "hot leads". This was supposedly people that had responded to an ad for the service and had filled out a questionnaire to see if they were a good fit for the service. Sounds great right? Come to find out they own over 200 domains and websites that advertise job postings related to all industries and job functions. These "hot leads" are people who believe they have applied for a job, not applied for a job placement service. The owner and his son both have a convincing story as to why the company has changed it's name due to a consultant telling them it was better to consolidate to make the services easier to understand for clients. But every time new complaints arise online and in the media the company changes it's name and corporate name. I beg of you to do your research as not all companies of this type are scams but i can tell you from first hand experience this company has no ethics from the ground up and still to this day operates illegally when it comes to hiring practices.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this was really helpful. thank you all for your transparent feedback. You can add the name Rodney Lamb from ACT/SET to the list.
Funny enough The Ladders offers a similar product "Signature"...but it's starting to smell fishy too. It is extremely frustrating that this scam cannot be shut down completly. I am sure local/national authorities should have enough info to do so....since so many people have been taken!...It's beyong me why these scams are still out there.

Anonymous said...

From the executive level. NEVER pay to get a job. I've been at the executive level and have recruiters on retainer as well as contingency. We only work with recruiters who have carried the bag WITHIN our industry. If someone approached us like this, we'd ban them from the building.

Anonymous said...

Here's an example of their pitch to work directly for them, per some of the recent posts above -- and another name to mark. Takes you to their video/slide presentation that's also mentioned in previous posts. Beware!




Some time ago your resume came to our attention.

Are you still in the market?

If so, we felt you might be a candidate for our unique sales positions.

* Our positions are among the finest in the U.S.
* They are unlike traditional sales opportunities.
* This is a high level professional sale.
* We are #1 and the best in an exciting new field.
* We supply all leads there is no prospecting or travel.
* You can be an employee... or in your own business.
* No investment is ever required.
* Earnings are at 3 levels: $50K-$80K, $80K to $100K & $100K+
* We also offer excellent benefits and partnership opportunities.

If you have an interest,

BEFORE you call or email us....

... please be sure to first go to...

to learn about our openings and review it carefully


Peter Bennett, Vice President

Anonymous said...

Can someone please give me the name of a reputable executive headhunter in Texas (Austin and San Antonio).

Anonymous said...

20 years ago, when I was first hired into the Career Consulting industry, my boss told me "All clients lie". I couldn't believe that was so, and after interviewing a couple of thousand job seeking executives, I must say he was right. What do they lie about? Everything from soup to nuts. They lie about their work experience, how and why they are job hunting, their finances, their spouses, their children, their interviews (number and quality), and just about everything else possible. Why do they lie? Simple, on the initial interview they assume you are going to find them a job. They expect you will do all the legwork, uncover opportunities, prepare employers, and then call them to show up for an interview and take the job. Only when they are confronted with the reality that it is THEIR responsibility to do the work do the questions begin. They all want to know what my success ratio reply to that was "What is yours?" They talk about their networking, meaning they asked a few friends or associates where a job might be, and told me they had "irons in the fire". That means they heard about a job somewhere, sent a resume, and got a reply. Since I required a follow up interview before quoting a fee, I told them their spouse must attend the second meeting. They would show up alone, making excuses for why they left their partner out of the loop. You see, what they wanted to do was get some details about the process, have me disclose a fee, then go home and try to relate the content of the meeting to the spouse. I typically sent them home without meeting with them, never to hear from them again (thankfully). I can't count the number of promises I was made that went unfulfilled.

I know you all think you are decision makers. Quit lying to yourself. You just think you know how to make decisions. You all claim to gather information, weigh the facts, and make a decision. Bull.... I have never seen so many Nervous Nellies in my life. When asked for a decision, you start making excuses again.

I know, you don't think I'm talking about YOU. You are different. Trust me, you're not. You just think you are.

So, why do I read here that so many got 'duped'? Again, it's because you are lazy, and ignorant of how to search. You want someone else to do the work and when promised with easy results, you shell out thousands, then when you realize you have to get off your a$$ and do something to generate leads, you whine that you were robbed.

Here is some free advice, (the kind you want but won't follow). Quit making your career someone else's responsibility, You don't know how to do a proper search, so pay the money to a professional, stop making excuses, and follow directions. Can't fail.

Anonymous said...

OK Add another one to the "almost duped" list. These people are advertising as a JOB position on (What is wrong with you careerbuilder? get them off!) They have multiple names and url's on their info - SET, professional,,, etc etc. Listed name of Paul Mills as VP with phone number 866-664-7256. Thank God I read everyone's posts on this blog before pursuing this any further. Their 'link' from careerbuilder MAKES you sign up (register) with your email and password and post your resume before you can even log in to get any information! Has anyone had issues with them selling your private info for 'phishing' emails etc? Some legal agency needs to investigate these scammers and shut them down! Poor innocent people are being duped! They are praying on people's misfortune - being out of work and unable to pay bills - going into savings and 401k money to pay these creeps! Oh as for their 'money back guarantee' - no one seems to have been able to get money back from them once they have it! A MBG is only as good as the company behind it. They clearly have NO scruples or ethics and need to be stopped immediately! Do not spend a dime with these losers!

Coopersdad said...

Nigeria is alive and well in DTC.
Has anyone spoken with Shawna Blair at ACT? I did today...something seemed off, Random Convergence nailed it. Hasn't anyone here heard of 9News, Westword, Fox31, the Denver Post, etc. ? I think it's time to start a shitstorm. I have a lovely letter from the above that I would be happy to share with the media, I'm sure that some of you would be of like mind. Things are tough enough these days, jackals in the backyard make my skin crawl. Hopefully some of you posters come back and read, this is my first, it won't be my last. Tipline here I come!

Coopersdad said...

As such, here it is
It was a pleasure speaking with you today.

Per our discussion, I am sending you our websites and links which are listed below. Feel free to not only educate yourself about the career opportunity we discussed, but use the client site to help you in your current search.

Our opportunity site is at – no need to fill out the contact form.

Then visit - There is no need to register on this site to access content and videos.

Here you will see the major components of the sales process and help you become thoroughly acquainted with the breakthrough services, technology and products we provide and represent.

Please note the price point on the TAPITWORLDWIDE website is not reflective of our private client services side…that price is for our mass market, distributor and corporate market only.

If you have an interest in getting back on my calendar for a more detailed interview, please contact me at the number below and email me a word file or PDF of your most current resume. If I do not hear back from you I will wish you the best of luck in your search and close your file.

P.S. Here is my word track for commission versus performance as we discussed. After our 3 day orientation Feb 7, 8 and 9th, you'll be ready to write business immediately during February, more in March, more in April and by then you should have your learning curve worked out and also be prepared to leverage your time working with multiple clients through our brand new webinar program that we are rolling out this month.

The difference between a performance based job and a commission job. Your typical commission job takes months to ramp up to actual earnings, requires prospecting and lead generation as well as writing proposals, contracts, and agreements not to mention chasing down account receivable in order for you to get your commission. Basically 2/3 of your commission job is administrative and 1/3 might be productive.
In our performance based position, all those barriers are removed. No lead generation, short sales cycle (3 to 4 days), no accounts receivable and no paperwork. We utilize a highly efficient CRM to remove all that administrative time and we are retained for our services and that is why we don’t have any account receivables to collect.


Shawna Blair

Shawna M. Blair
Senior Recruiter
Advanced Career Technologies

Anonymous said...

Coopersdad - if you are still around - I am curious to know if you had any additional dealings with this organization.

Anonymous said...

This is a great site. I find it hard to believe that this has been going on as long as it has. With all the government regulation blah blah blah, how is it that this sort of thing can continue. State of Colorado, Federal Government, where are you when you’re REALLY needed?!? That said, please add the following name to this long and interesting list...

Jordan Rohde
Advanced Career Technologies

.... I got a call from Mr. Rohde the other day, and as with any unsolicited offer I jumped on the web to check it out. Your blog is truly eye-opening and much more so for me as I got to the more recent postings. I believe Mr. Rohde said he found my resume on TheLadders or CareerBuilder (not sure), but he called with an offer to join their firm as a recruiter. It sounded intriguing with totally qualified warm leads and 2 to 3 call close time. (Wow, a fast and easy sales process, how nice!) I received his follow-up email with two links to have a look at. The first ( with general details. I would need to register on this site in order to get into the second ( to see the in-depth presentation. First red flag was that neither of these URLs have “Advanced Career Technologies International” in them. I then Googled their name and found an Advanced Career Technologies “Inc” in Greenwood Village CO (much more professional looking website etc. – If they’re legit I’m guessing that ACT “Intl” is a huge thorn in their side) and another Advanced Career Technologies Inc in MA. More red flags began flappin’ in the wind!

It’s when I got to Coopersdad’s posting of January 31, 2012 (above) when I realized without a shadow of a doubt that I was not dealing with a legitimate company. Needless to say I never ventured into the first website to register – I have no idea what I would have found but if $$ or a SSN had been requested in there it would have been shut down at that point. I’m happy not knowing what I would have found had I registered. Thank you Coopersdad for posting the email from Shawna M. Blair. The email I received has several identical sentences and phases in it, as well as the salutation where only the name and direct number are different. That nailed it for me – a virtual sea of flappin’ red flags.

As has been noted several times, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. My advice is that ANY TIME you get an unsolicited offer – CHECK IT OUT before diving in. I hope this blog helps many more people since it sounds like ACT will continue preying on people, no matter how many times they have to change their name. Thanks again to everyone above for your comments.

Anonymous said...

Wow... Guess I am part of the club!. However as I suspected “if it’s too good to be true…it is!!” I got contacted by SET Bob West and he was very smooth. I sat though the video and then went through the PDF all along wondering what this was going to c$st me. When he finished I asked what this runs and he hemmed and hawed and he gave me a range of 3k-30k., and that I would be in the 6K range. I stated that is a great of money and he got very “upset” stating that he was sorry he wasted my time thought I was a serious candidate blah blah blah and he tells his sales people to not offer the cost so soon as I did apparently did not see the value proposition, whatever. I find it strange that you can’t Google SET and get to a company website? This just smells of SCAM and it pisses me off that they are allowed to prey on people that may be desperate and that they wasted my time, thankfully not my money.

calgal said...

Do you see this reply above from "anonymous" dated January 20? ... This was probably written by professional scum bag rude con artists of ACT Ron StAnton or ( the worst one, Dan Ward) ... Trust me I worked right next to these low life losers.. They quietly chuckle amongst each other in their corporate cubicles when they "Nail a new sucker" or " yeah Dan i've almost closed that friggin idiot"... This is what these pieces of @&@! are saying about YOU the client... Oh and the above post -- well thats how they justify their daily criminal activities of taking your hard earned money.

Anonymous said...

add Scott Priester, Senior Consultant/Managing Director to the list of scammers. what a joke!!

Anonymous said...

New name: Hugh McDermott claiming to be a Managing Partner with SET. Here's his LinkedIn profile:

Hugh McDermott, Managing Partner
The SET Group

It's a great pitch, very convincing. I only have had one call - I'm being tee'd up for the heavy sell after I waste my time viewing videos.

Someone posting to this blog who is/was on Hugh's side of the fence made the point that outsourcing your career search is laziness. There's probably a kernel of truth there. The sad and ugly part is the preying upon the desperate.

Thanks for the blog - I'm shutting down the conversation with Hugh before I part with my money.

Anonymous said...

I changed my status on Linkedin to "Job Hunting" and two days later I get an opportunity to make commissions of up to USD150K per month. Yeah, right.
The scammers are on the name of the thug who emailed me is: "Peter Bennett, Vice President" what it doesn't say is VP of scammers.
Thanks for the blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Received a series of phone calls (2 with a third scheduled) from The SET Group. Spoke to a Peter D'Amico, a Senior Consultant from the The SET Group. We have walked through a series of 'webinars" discussing the services the company provides and how it will "benefit" me. Pretty cool and smooth resentation. Was sent the "pricelist" to view. ($2995, 3995, and 4995) for the three packages. I assume the follow-up call is to put the hard press on to get me to purchase one of these. His email is from (odd that its not The SET Group). Also looked him up on Linkedin since he said he worked in energy for 40+ years. (true...),but it says he is looking for a job and nowhere on his page does it mention SET, proffessional careers, or connected to anyone from either company (odd again).
Looked up SET in englewood colorado and it does exist. Looked them up with the BBB and it does have a page with 12 complaints settle over 5 years. (same page they have you view during at least they truthful about this little piece...just like the devil, even he can quote god and the bible, just uses the words out of context)

So is it a scam? No, Not really. They provide a service for a fee. Is it worth the FEE? HELL NO! Can you do all the same things they will do for you yourself? HELL YES!

All you are paying them to do is spam publish your resume, utilizing software dozens of companies use, to thousands of job boards, new[apers, recruiters, etc. This gets yoru stuff out there quicker than you can, cause they have the software you don't.

They use your information and current resume and cut/paste/and tweak it to make a new one. (a service you pay for that you can do yourself....hundreds of websites to help with this as well as employment agencies)

They make you a website, which you can post into job applications to market yourself. (yes, most applications have a spot for websites these days, but, you can hire a website creation company or do it yourself for a LOT less)...Again, a service you are paying for.

So in general...They do provide a service, however, they charge a HUGE FEE for services you can do yourself with a little time or get a lot cheaper elsewhere.

Do they package the presentation well YES! Do they border on false advertising, YES! Is the deal overpriced, YES (in my opinion).
Will you get phone calls about jobs, YES! (hell, if i spam my resume to 40,000 sites and recruiters, someone is going to be interested enough to call...)

Will I get a job by using them? NO
! However, they don;t promise that, or didnt to me. They say they will get you calls...the interview is up to you. But, unless you have had an "executive' job before, chances are you are not going to be able to pull off the level of interview required to land one. And, if you have had one before, you know the people, places, contacts, and sites to go to and get one or at least and interview again.

So...they are a legit company for last 6 year, sell a overpriced service you can do yourself for less or free, and charge too much for it.

I wouldn't use them or pay them. But, if your time is worth the money for them to do this for you, go for it. Or at least haggle them down some first.

Buyer beware

Leslie Ann Kent said...

I got a call from a Michael Cooper, Managing Director of The SET Group today. Many thanks to those who have posted so I had something to find when I Googled him.

Anonymous said...

I was approached by Burke Walker, Senior Consultant at SET. After noticing the materials had a copyright of ACT press, I started to Google various other entities. I also noticed that Burke's email address was "". Turns out SET is linked to ACT Press or Advanced Career Technologies (ACT) which had the exact same website as Professional Careers Online.

The first thing that was fishy in the discussion is when I asked for a link to one of the "personal websites" and was told they could not do so. If it is a personal-searchable website, then it should be public. They should have no problem giving me a list of people for whom they have developed packages and examples of those packages. I have a third call coming up in which I am going to ask for references and and sample materials. I am also going to ask SET to provide a sample list of job opportunities for my area of expertise to see what they really provide.

My wife picked up a couple of things:
1. Burke Walker was not on Linked-in nor were any other entities.
2. SET's website did not identify teh comapny's management nor provide adequate methods of contact.
3. The names used in all these companies are so generic that searching is difficult.

The part that allowed me to find more information was using terms such as "technology based job-hunting" and "technology-based e-cruiting" use these terms in your searches and you will find more information.

Anonymous said...

Nearly got scammed by these guys today after 3 calls with Robert West from SET. Very glad I came across this blog - thank you to all who have commented.

Unknown said...

Thanks for having this blog out there ... it's helped me to confirm what I was sensing all along.

Anonymous said...

Had a hell of a time figuring out who SET, ACT or whoever was. Spent a half hr on the phone with Norris, their Exec VP. Very smooth, but I smelled a rat, Glad I found this before wasting even more time and potentially $.

Anonymous said...

I just received a phone call from "Cherry Gour," of professionalcareersonline to set up an interview with "DIRECTOR" George Grant. I ALWAYS do a diligent online background check/research and was directed to this site, among others, that outlined what a scam this really is. I emailed "Cherry" back to cancel my intervew...

Weebs said...

I was contacted a while back by "Ken" at SET and declined his offer to spend several thousand dollars for their services. Some time passed and Peggy Slattery at SET recontacted me and said they have a brand new product coming out soon and it's around 700 bucks. When I did some searching and found this blog, I sent it to her and asked her not to contact me anymore. She replied with the following:

"Yes - it is an old blog that has hurt us. We have recently hired a law firm in Denver at considerable expense to go after them...we won a similar issue with a law firm in NY who tagged our name for class action suits - and of course there were none, but it looked like it, with the advertising and phishing they were doing like there was.

RC was started and funded by a group in Texas who were ex licensees, whom we pulled their ability to work for the firm years ago because of fraudulent claims. They came after us like this.

Sorry. We are aware and finally taking some pretty drastic, and expensive steps to rectify. A blog you may wish to read in regards to this:

We would not be in business for 14 years, continue to have a strong rating with the BBB - and I suggest you check us out with ANY state attorney general's office...they along with the BBB are organizations with the only real protection available to the consumer. If we had done even a smidge of what was written in RC, we would have been shut down - or certainly investigated...and of course, have not been."

Anyway, I won't be using their services.

Anonymous said...

I came across this blog while looking for jobs on career builder and was looking at EPBM. Thankfully this blog also came up when researching EPBM. I cannot believe this type of scamming still exists. About 14 years ago I was contacted and interviewed with this type of scam but thankfully had a gut feeling I should not continue (I did not know it was a scam then). This blog legitimized my first gut instinct so many years ago and it is true - you should not have to pay for a job - a real company will pay recruiters to find good people. Good luck to all job seekers.

Anonymous said...


I want to thank everyone who posted the information in regard to this company.

You saved me from making a huge mistake.

I spoke with Rob West this morning and the sales pitch was great.

During our conversation I asked for actual references that I could speak to in regard to their success of obtaining employement through the efforts of SET. It seems that is information that is not provided.

In the end I have sent the following email response back to Rob:


Since our conversation this morning I have done some research, and to be honest I was shocked at the information I discovered.

Without going into any detail I would insist that SET or any of it employees stop any and all correspondence (in the form of email, phone calls, etc) effective immediately.


Henry Cadle

Anonymous said...

I too have been contacted by Arch of SET. Arch is real smooth and pumps your ego up about your earning potential. Over the next two phone calls Arch suggested the Executive level plan was best got for me @ $4995 but wait he thinks he can get $495 taken off that price. RED FLAG I am glad i did my research and found this web site (& another). I also asked for referrals and was told no problem. 5 days later i am told schedule conflicts is keeping me from talking with a referral. RED FLAG I also asked to see a 'professional' marketing website and was told they needed to get special permission to let me view it. RED FLAG I am done with this scam..

Thanks everyone


Paul_in_CT said...

Thank you so much to everyone who has posted their experiences on this site.
I was just contacted by Dan Ward of SET. He had gotten my contact info when I signed up to view a posting at Little did I know that site was a front for SET, ACT or whatever their name is, to get my contact info and try to sell me their pitch. I only had one call, and 2 videos of their TAPIT system, before I smelled something fishy and did a google search for a scam. Thankfully, Random Convergence came up and I am vindicated.
I am very sorry to those who were taken in by this, but many, many thanks for sharing those experiences so the rest of us can be warned.

Anonymous said...

For the last week I have been in discussions with SET "senior executive transitions". I have been all over LinkedIn and the Internet looking for info on them and cannot find anything, until I finally found this blog.

As it turns out, they offered me their $2995 package, but wait! Just like a previous writer they offered me $500 off as some special deal because someone else had to postpone and now they had an opening. They had been using as their primary sales site.

Interestingly, in Sept of 2009 I was contacted by a group called ITS. They had a JMAC, Job Market Access Center, website that has identical content to the new SET site (I saved screen images of the ITS website).It was at, but it is now just a dead end blog. When I asked the SET sales rep about ITS all he said was that was their old company and had gone through a change in ownership.

I turned down their services this morning, but was reconsidering until I found this blog.

Thanks everyone for your contributions.


Gary Dolce said...

Glad I found this blog site. Here is the letter I just got from ACT!

I have reviewed your resume online and find that you could be a potential fit for a position with my company. Below is a description; if this opportunity looks exciting to you please email me back and we can schedule a time to talk.
ACT is a multi-million dollar technology firm. At this point we are growing and developing our different products and services, which is why we are hiring for the next level of sales executives who can come into our company and soon thereafter manage those services.
About ACT:
ACT has pioneered a revolutionary way for people to instantly access the job market and the openings, leads and contacts they need. Our technology-based system opens up many more opportunities…making job hunting faster than ever before.
Position: Inside sales/ Full Time
ACT is seeking a highly motivated, seasoned sales professional to take on our Sr. Sales Consultant role. The leads are provided from prospective clients who have already shown great interest in our services and have reached out to our company. The Sr. Sales Consultant will drive revenue growth through consultation of our prospective clients, and determining which service is best suitable for him or her.
Availability to work at our headquarters or from a home office.
Minimum 5 years Sales Experience
Entrepreneurial mindset, striving to make a difference… selling a product that truly helps people.
Ability to use CRM’s and/or sales tracking tools (computer literate)
W2 Employee Benefits, with contribution to benefits. Performance Based, with high income potential and stock options!
(confidence in selling abilities is a must!)

Alice Holtermann
Sr. Recruiter

Anonymous said...

I was contacted by SET. RM West is like a used car salesman. As I do with everything, I researched SET only to find they operate under six or seven other names. The short version is no one has ever had anything positive to say about them. They are nothing more than a scam and you are an idiot if you allow them to get their hooks into you. If you are smart enough to be an executive you should be smart enough to find a job without paying SET 6K to write your resume. They play on your self worth telling you, you just don't know what your doing or how to do it.

STAY AWAY FROM SET. Do the work yourself.

SET was a wakeup call for me. After dealing with that RM West fraud it sparked something inside me (never used SET BTW) and I found, and was hired to an executive position (COO $300k)within 30 days.

Good luck to you and I hope you can see thru the SET SCAM.

Anonymous said...

SET is alive and well. Tom Smith sent me to their website to peruse the "free" e-book by Bob Gerberg. I have the weekend to look at it, then we will talk. I already called him back (got voicemail) to tell him I am uninterested. THANKS TO EVERYONE THAT HAS CONTRIBUTED TO THIS BLOG, you helped me greatly!

Anonymous said...

Thanks also to everyone for the previous posts. SET pulled my resume from one of their sites and Andrew Ingalls put me through their sales process, which I admit was slick. All red flags discussed in posts above came to light though prompting my deeper research. The ultimate showstoppers were SET's inability and unwillingness to simply provide a couple of client references as well as providing a quick 'live' demo of their TAPIT system before paying anything. Just saved $2K+. Note also that Andrew called everyone who posts to blogs like this a "bottom-feeder". As a VP level individual, I guess I also am a bottom feeder now.

Anonymous said...

Add the name of Blaine Johnston from Set who contacted me stating that I had recently enrolled on one of their sites. I couldn't remember if I did, but I suspect after reading through this blog that he got my name after I had re-registered on At first, I was take in by his sales approach and then his invitation to their website in which he asked me to use my email address so I could access and review their presentation for our 1 hour phone call the next day. He asked if I would watch this and be prepared to talk about it tomorrow. Long story short, I was given the guilt trip about my resume and how it looked, which had been written by a professional career consultant. I tried to research SET online and couldn't find any information on them. I did review the complaints listed with the BBB. Blaine touted their AAA rating, which I really suspect after what I have read on this blog. THANK GOODNESS for others who have written on here. I almost took the bait but have wised up before making a huge mistake. Blaine mentioned the money back guarantee and to use Paypal where I could take advantage of 6 months no interest. That sent a RED FLAG and also I always go back to you never pay for services in advance until you have seen the finished product. They main claim over 5,000successful clients, but I have put in back in their court now .I have emailed Blaine and asked to speak with (3) referrals. Surely with 5,000 some clients there would be someone available to visit. I have also informed him that I would have my attorney review the contract they sent me. I will be curious to see how he responds to this. SHADY company, especially with all of the name they operate under. Also, he contacts me using a 877 number supposively out of their Englewood, CO office. I find that to be a little unusual too. BUYER BEWARE. I'm so thankful I read through this blog. I feel $2,900 richer tonight.