Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Time to Lawyer up? (Updated 3/2/08)

Rumor has it that the ITS companies are out to snuff out unfavorable comments on the web... Guess it's cheaper to hire a lawyer than actually deliver a quality product.

So for the heck of it, i went to one of the sites and started poking around - same site basically as it's been for a while. Same sort of material as 2 years ago. Then i hit a page with some of the "shareholders." Not sure what the heck a shareholder means in this context, but i decided to cross check the names (which use only the last initial to protect the innocent i'm sure) against those names mentioned in the comments on this blog. And can you believe it, i found that that's a lot of the same folks who've been mentioned as being managing directors, etc. For those keeping score, they're Norris P, Paul B, Lynette D, Tom K, Tom S, Sue S, Carol R, and Gordon R. So now i'm thinking (speculating of course), those are the guys who've been around the longest - they probably run the show. So which one looks like the "heavy"? I'm thinking it's Sue or Paul.

Anyone else heard anything about these guys trying to stifle bad publicity?

Update: Looks like the rumors are true... See this post for the muzzle letter i got (and my response)