Thursday, July 19, 2007

Help tell the story of McKenzie Scott, usajobmarket, ITS

Over the past year, there's been a lot of traffic to the posts on McKenzie-Scott (or their other apparent pseudonyms). The comments on the post represents a tiny fraction of a percent of the traffic that has visited the posts.
Traffic seems to come from two key sources:
- google (of course)
- (there's some posts there that reference these pages)

From scanning these sources, it's obvious that the McKenzie Scott business model is still alive and kicking and finding many willing customers. (IMO) that's a shame - as time has passed and i've thought more about my experience, my disgust with their practices has hardened. The feedback by all those reading the posts has always been "thank god i read this - i was about to sign up." I can't help but thinking about all the folks who didn't have the information before jumping in.

So with that said, i'd like to do my part to provide info to those looking to find out more. Some of the links (like to the agreement) in the original posts are dead. If there's anyone out there who has copies or links that i can put up, please let me know (or add to the comments). Of if anyone has additional stories that would be useful to share, i'll be happy to post them.

BTW - in case anyone cares, i landed just fine. I got a job in a small IT group without the help of any headhunter or agency.

UPDATE (3/31/2013): See latest legal actions.

UPDATE: Here's a website of someone who went farther in the process -

UPDATE: Looks like the site no longer exists