Saturday, February 02, 2008


Every now and then i look at the statistics and traffic patterns on this site. The last 6 months have seen a drastic upswing in the number of hits and the source of that seems to be links from a few forums and sites that have driven this sites "google-score" way up. Over 50% of "in links" are from google. At the same time, a large percentage the"out links" are also to google as visitors continue their investigation process.
So i figured i'd add a google search bar to the site (save people a click or two). As i went to do this i discovered a whole bunch of tools that google has to add automatic content (including ads) to sites - so i'm trying them out (but lest anyone think i'm going to get rich, based on traffic it looks like i'll be lucky to get $1 per month!) I'm curious to see how good google is at pushing "relevent ads" to people viewing these pages - so if you happen to notice, make a note in the comments as to how they're doing...


Sue said...

Glad I read your post. Back 6 months ago, when I started my search I was contacted by ITS. They had seen my resume and wanted to tell me what they could do for me. As I was happily employed at the time, I thought I had nothing to lose, so I set up the call. I received a slick marketing package in the mail, including a book that was supossed to be designed to help me navigate today's job market. I did take the time to read it, but it seemed to me to be more of a promotion for the company than a manual describing how I could best market myself. I am one of the lucky ones, as my job was secure and the only reason I was in the market was a family necessitated relocation from NY to GA. But, I bought a home, sent my family and remained in my comfy position during the search. After reading the material, I decided to bypass the services offered by ITS. Three months later, I secured a position on my own and moved to GA. When I arrived, my new perspective employer contacted me to say that they had decided to sell the company and that I would be contacted by the new organization. Well, I was contacted and informed that the position I had been offered was no longer available. They would be happy to offer me a different position at approx 1/2 the salary. I might have considered it, but it was also a significant step backwards from upper management to barely midlle management. I chose to pass.The rest of the story does not get much better so suffice to say it is now and I am once again seeking a suitable position. Well, today, I received a call from Brian, at ITS. He wanted to discuss my "unique" qualifications and wanted to make an appointment for a half hour on the phone tomorrow and make sure I could access my computer at that time. Since I am in what I would describe as a significantly less desirable position than the last time I began a job search, I set up a time for the call. Then I started the research that led me to your site. I am glad I found it as I am not really in a position to sacrifice the kind of cash you are talking about for my job search. I am pretty good at seeing a scam myself and i hope I would have seen through it, but now, thanks to you, I wont be put in that position. I can, however see where desperation would lead to someone else being duped into laying out that kind of cash. Just a thought, I have been all over these boards and I think that sites like America's Job Netwrok should have to disclose that they are not a job board at all, rather a marketing tool for ITS and it's affiliates. Since they seem intent on releasing the napalm on your right to free speech I think they should, at the very least be held to the same standard.

Jeff said...

Calling all former ITS-McKenzie Scott-America's Job Network clients:

Please be advised that I am an attorney who has also been a client of ITS. I am quite dissatisfied with those services and suspect fraud and/or deceptive & unfair trade practices. For this reason, I am exploring the possibility of bringing a class action against the company(ies).

If you have had an experience with any of these entities, whether positive or negative, please contact me.

You may reach me as follows:

Jeffrey Harrington, Esq.
Harrington Law Associates, PLLC
301 Clematis Street, Suite 3000
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
C: (305) 915-7392
F: (561) 584-6549
Florida Bar No. 55981

Scott said...

FYI - as already indicated they are on careerbuilder. I recently found a post dated 2/25/2011 seeking sales persons. I thought it was to sell accounting, financial services, legal services or something of the sort for the company named Evanston, Parker, Bennett, Millburn & Associates; so I did a search and your page came up - Thanks for the service I don't have the time or the energy... Talk about predatory behavior!

Anonymous said...

Any recent activity on this or interaction with the SET group?

Anonymous said...

They are now operating under the name SET Group and use ads on Career Builder and other sites to collect resumes.