Thursday, February 02, 2006

so i got a call from Brian (the McKensie Scott dude) who's title is Managing Partner today. I have to say - these guys are good! We talked for 30 minutes and it was one of the best soft-sells i've ever heard. And what made it all the more impressive is that i know what's coming, but it still sounds good. His whole pitch was about "here's what you gotta do - whether we help you or you do it on your own." Then he had me watch an online presentation - also very well put together. Finally i filled out a questionaire. Brian is going to review my answers and figure out how they can help - if i want them to help.
In short, the whole sell is based on the premise that if you can talk-the-talk, then you can walk-the-walk. And based on what i've seen so far i have no doubt that they are capable of delivering. But the way the business is structured creates the incentive to do a good job selling, but not necessarily a good job delivering.
That said, i am curious to see how they continue the pitch - it should be very instructive.

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